What is Link Building? Why is High Quality Link Building So Important?

What is Link Building? Why is High Quality Link Building So Important?

The search engine crawls the links of a webpage and after that those links will be indexed. Between this process 1st of all, you have to submit all the links of your website to search engine. For that, you should create and submit the sitemap to the Google Webmasters Search Console. The search engine also determines, from where your links are coming like from an external source or internal linking. Now, high quality link building comes in place.

If they are external links then search engine check many factors like whether your links are coming from the appropriate source or spam source, domain and page authority, spam score etc. There are many other factors that affect the SERP ranking but you can imagine, after Google Penguin Update, Google is getting strict about webspam and relevancy. So, it’s not just enough to create a backlink but it should be relevant and come from the authoritative website.

The Google found you are getting a large number of high quality links from authoritative websites then Google counts your website as a quality source and your website may get higher ranking in SERP. If you get backlinks from the spam source or irrelevant website then you may lose your current SERP ranking. So, high quality link building is very important & complicated task in SEO.

What is Link Building?

Creating or getting high quality links from relevant niche & authoritative websites called link building. Either you can find the authoritative website and try to build links from it or create a quality content on your website that adds a value to the reader. So, they can share the links on their social media. This is the best way to create more user engagement & getting high quality backlinks.

Why is High Quality Link Building So Important?

As I said, it’s a very important & complicated task in SEO, because if you have good content on your website but doesn’t have the backlinks then your website can’t beat the higher authoritative websites that have the same niche as yours in search results ranking. That means your website doesn’t get enough traffic. Your domain authority mainly depends upon the number of high quality backlinks from a number of different domains. Instead of getting backlinks from the same domain, you should consider creating backlinks from different domains. And that’s matter most.

Consider this case, if you have 20 backlinks from a single website and 20 backlinks from 20 different domains then 20 backlinks from 20 domains will give the best results and count 20 backlinks. So, whenever you are trying to create backlinks then consider creating from different domains.

Higher numbers of quality backlinks drive search engine’s attention towards your website. Those backlinks point to your website so Google thinks that your content is informative, effective and your website provides the great user experience. So, chances are getting a higher position in SERP is high. Sometimes even your website can rank for featured snippets. But for that, you should consider some important factors to rank for featured snippets.

Link building improves your domain authority and page authority. These 2 metrics determine whether your domain is trusted or not. It is given from 0-100. You can check your domain authority and page authority by Moz Open Site Explorer Tool. If your domain has less than 30 Domain Authority & Page Authority then try to create engaging content and acquire backlinks from 50+ domain authority & relevant niche websites. That helps you to boost your domain authority and page authority. So, high quality link building helps you to get strong domain authority, in the result, you get high traffic to your website & it will improve your brand awareness.

Just think about your website, you have some landing pages and some of them are low quality. Low-quality content means “Thin Content” that is the content doesn’t provide in-depth information to readers. No doubt, you can create backlinks of high quality landing pages but what about low-quality landing pages? The task becomes more complicated when it comes to generating backlinks from low-quality landing pages.

So, in this case, you should create a great content that provides value & in-depth information about your services or whatever to the readers and it should be more than 300 words. Now, you are ready to create backlinks from it.

I know, link building is a long process and it requires more time. You can’t just create quality backlinks in 1 months. It takes time to create the backlinks from authoritative websites. But make sure never try black hat link building techniques to gain backlinks. No doubt you can generate many backlinks within 1-2 months and even you get higher ranking in search results but if Google found it then you may get Google penalty and you may lose your SERP rankings and domain authority. You must aware of BMW uses doorway pages case and loses it SERP ranking.

There are many ways for creating high quality links to your website. Like the guest post, guest blogging, social bookmarking, article submission etc. You can also use web directories submission but make sure select only those which comply with Google Webmasters Guidelines. These are white hat link building techniques. For that, you have to build your link building strategy. And move your step towards link building campaign.

I hope you understand the importance of quality link building. Now, start creating quality backlinks & improve your domain authority that leads to improving overall SERP ranking. Share if you love this article and stay tuned for more informative content.

Lokesh Aryan

Founder & Content Creator at Lokesh Aryan Digital
Lokesh Aryan is Founder & Content Creator at Lokesh Aryan Digital. Currently, working as Freelance SEO & Content Writer. He likes writing, reading novels, playing cricket & volleyball. He loves music. He sings and play guitar too.

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  1. Hey if i make Good Backlinks for my Site then In how many days My post will appear on Google 1st page , Which is still on 7th page

    1. Google ranking does not only depend upon no of backlinks. You should also consider some other factors like domain authority, competitors backlinks etc. and other tech factors like website loads up speed, minify Java and CSS etc. Consider these factors and give it some time. You can’t get top ranking in days. It may take months or sometimes a year. It depends on your SEO & link building strategy.

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