What is G Suite? And Why G Suite is Best for Small Business

What is G Suite? And Why G Suite is Best for Small Business

You must have often used applications in your mobile phones like Google Drive, Gmail, etc. These all fell under the name of what we used to know them as “Google Apps”. Very recently post 2016, the Google App has been rebranded into something known as G-suite. Many users may not still be aware of that. So, here is what is G Suite and why G Suite is best for small business.

So, what is G Suite exactly?

G-Suite or Google suite is basically a platform or a suite under which you will find many intelligent applications which acts as a solution for many companies and businesses for their various productivity problems. They are cloud-based tools which help in syncing information and collaborating with your employers by providing a powerful email hosting solution. It is very easy to manage and is an effective tool.

Following are a few applications which you might have come across and have been using extensively in your daily lives which are a part of G-suite:


Great for small businesses to get accounts for free with their own domain name.

Google Calendar

Helps to create reminders, events, team meetings and office holidays very conveniently.

Google Drive

Stores a great number of data plus a very user-friendly way of search options available

Google Docs & Sheets

Can be made available and shared with all employees and is easy to access for any alterations, editing, etc.

Google Keep

Basically, the replacement for “Evernote”

G Suite Admin Console

Helps to regulate work by the admin from a single place very efficiently

Some additional features also include- Google Hangouts, Google forms, Google slides, cloud search, the vault, etc.

Reasons why G Suite for Small Business is the Best Way to Go

According to a report conducted by Deloitte, 85% of small business owners reported that cloud technology enables them to scale and grow faster, while 66% said that the cloud allows them to outperform their competitors. (Source: http://services.google.com/fh/files/emails/smallbusiness-bigtechnology.pdf) This report showed how much cloud storage and its availability is a convenient and efficient way to make small ventures successful. In order to go about with this, Google is one of the bets platforms.

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This is where G Suite for small business comes into play. G Suite is absolutely suitable for small businesses and we shall tell you why:


With offers on different tiers and versions of office and business profiles, G Suite’s price range is comparatively cheaper to that of Microsoft Office. Usually, it ranges from $5 to $10 which is a very attractive amount.

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Easy to Learn

Google being the most famous and user-friendly applications is a great way to involve in businesses as no investment is needed for training of employees to work on G Suite. Most of the apps are extremely familiar and easy to handle and are probably already been used by the people.


One-time login can give you guaranteed access to all apps and files. There is no necessity to use different id passwords for different apps. Sharing information digitally is very convenient as well as email collaboration. Due to a huge storage space in the cloud, you also do not have to worry about your system’s hard drive taking up space.

Offline Control

Even without access to any internet connectivity, people can easily operate on documents and files. Syncing files is also not necessary as everything is automatically uploaded and updated everywhere no matter whichever device you access it from.


When it comes to secure access to important information G suite makes sure there is no vulnerability. With a close tie-up with Android and Google Chromebooks, back up and security is no issue. In case of any theft or loss, G Suite provides a security and administration tool for resetting the device and solving all issues.

Other than these important options offered to small business setups from G Suite, there are a few other plus points which make G Suite for small business the most reliable host:

  • It provides email encryption on transit
  • Third party audits are undergone on a regular basis by it
  • It prevents anybody to use your data for advertising and maintains its privacy
  • It is very easy to retain, search, edit and export data in G Suite

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Tips & Tricks for Using G-Suite

To manage and utilize the services and features of G Suite in the best possible way make sure you do the following:

  • Manage your users, their accessibility, passwords, etc. through the Admin console
  • Make sure to add privacy and security layers
  • Utilize the inbuilt app training services
  • Monitor the trends through graphs and reports
  • Add free multiple domains for your accounts without any cost incurred.

Once you really start using the privileges of G Suite you will get to know how expedient and efficient it is for your business.


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