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What is Featured Snippets? A List of Different Types of Featured Snippets

What is Featured Snippets? A List of Different Types of Featured Snippets

When you search for any terms on Google and if they show you some unique type of result at the topmost in SERP, that is called featured snippets. There are many types of featured snippets results are available. But for every keywords or phrase Google doesn’t show a featured snippet. The snippets are also very useful to build SEO strategy.

Because of increasing numbers of CPM or CPC ads featured snippets are not shown on SERP. But as per Google’s report, Google shows featured snippets more and more every day. Featured snippets are very important to drive traffic because it shows unique result compare to other results on SERP as well as it is the topmost result. So, there are many benefits to have a result on the featured snippet. For that, your page or post has to rank for the featured snippet. Once your post will rank for the featured snippet you will get a high amount of organic traffic.

What is Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are the special results of SERP. There are many types of featured snippets. But there is a little confusion regarding featured snippet & schema mark up. Both are different from each other. So, 1st of all I’m going to discuss schema mark up.

Rich Snippet:

what is featured snippetsWhile searching for any product review or laptop review you will find something like average rating, user review, price and stock details or reviewer name. A rich snippet gives the special search result but it doesn’t affect the search engine ranking. It may be 20th or 30th or possibly 1st on SERP. But it shows the data for every time user search for. You can generate this data using schema.org. It helps you for better on-page optimization & the chances of getting higher rank in SERP is high.

Rich Answer:

what is featured snippetsWhen search for some random question like calculate this number or distance from earth to sun or moon, Google will give you a specific answer without giving any website link or credit. When searched for the distance between earth to the sun I got this search result covering actual answer, images & related search.

Knowledge Graph:

what is featured snippetsKnowledge Graph is the answer which is completely different from Rich Answer because it gives proper information with Wikipedia links and carousel images. When you search for the brand or famous people or institute then you will get this types of results. In this screenshot, I’m searching for Christopher Nolan movies and Google gives the whole list of his movies and personal information of from Wikipedia.

Featured Snippet:

what is featured snippetsThe featured snippet is topmost & special result compare to other organic search results. It’s like rich answer and knowledge graph result but in this case, Google also gives credit to the creator with a link. So, if anyone finds these all information at 1st result then why will he go for next results? So, it is very useful to rank for a featured snippet to get a high amount of organic traffic. Your content also matters to rank for a featured snippet. If your content is informative & relevant to the search terms then your content may be rank for the featured snippet.

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A List of Different Types of Featured Snippets

Basically 3 types of featured snippets; Paragraph Snippets, List Snippets & Table Snippets.

what is featured snippetsParagraph Snippets:

When you ask something to Google, Google will give you answer in the paragraph which is best suited and proper answer to that question. So, if your answer is good and it satisfied users needs then he will click on that link otherwise he will check something else. If your answer is good only then you will get good click-through rate (CTR).what is featured snippets

When you ask questions starting with how to, what is, why, who is, where etc. you will see paragraph snippet at the topmost result.

So, add one page of FAQs which is very helpful to give answers to this type of questions. If your answers are good then It may be getting rank for the featured snippet!

The numbered list featured snippet:

what is featured snippetsWhen you search for some method or step-by-step tutorial then you will get the numbered list featured snippet. When you ask how to, step by step, food recipe, how to do, DIY tasks etc. Google will give you some numbered list with image and website link. If you describe something very precisely with some images or video for the whole procedure, the chances of getting a higher rank are high and you will get good CTR.

The Bulleted List Featured Snippet:

what is featured snippetsWhen you are listing something and order doesn’t matter like you are searching for Best WordPress Plugins 2017 which needs only list not proper rank so in this type of search query Google will give results in the bulleted list.what is featured snippets

If you are using Best, top rated, featured list etc. search terms Google will give you the bulleted list featured snippet.

The Table Featured Snippet:

what is featured snippetsI admit Google has many capabilities like this one. Google wants to give information in tabular form. Like when you search for most populated countries, it gives you complete information with many columns in tabular form. It’s a fantastic feature of Google. So, users don’t need to visit many websites, collect the data & prepare the table. So, Google determines what user is looking for and create its own table & if you need more data, Google will create more column & try to stop you at the 1st result. So, I really like this feature. You can compare any brand’s sales report with the previous year and much more.

on page seo everything you need to know

I searched for most populated countries so, Google determines the needs and create its own table with 3 columns and give me the data I asked. Featured snippet tables can be more than one column. So, more information you will give, more chances of getting top most rank. If you want to rank for a table featured snippet, make sure your table has more than 4 rows which increase the CTR. When you search for lists, data, compare sales, price something like that you will get table featured result.

YouTube Featured Snippet:

what is featured snippetsAs you can see in my whole article, Google takes care of your website to get featured. So what you think about YouTube? After all, Google owns it! YouTube is the 2nd best search engine in the world. So, if you are a creator on YouTube then you will get more views by getting featured on Google. When user search for the terms which is related to your video then your video may be get featured. Google may show a particular clip instead of the whole video. So, your video should relevant to the search terms to get good CTR. You should also use videos to drive traffic from YouTube. You will see YouTube featured snippets for any types of search terms.

The Two-for-One Featured Snippet:

For some search queries or questions, Google needs more than one website to give the proper answer. So, sometimes Google pick an image from other source and content from another source and showed it as a featured result.

You should include images with the content to get high ranking for a featured snippet. You will see the two-for-one featured snippet for any types of search terms & you may see it in tabular form!

That’s it! I hope you like it. Thumbs if you did & share if you love. Leave your comments below & share your thoughts about featured snippets.

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