What are Web Analytics Tools? How to Choose Right Web Analytics Tool for Your Business?

What are Web Analytics Tools? How to Choose Right Web Analytics Tool for Your Business?

To understand what are web analytics tools, we first need to understand the concept of web analytics.

Web analytics is nothing but the analysis and measurement of the data which detects the trends of user behavior across various web pages. It is a measure of the day to day activity on a website like how many pages were visited, how many views per page, how many users visited, how long did they check out a page, and so on.

The use of web analytics tools is, therefore, required to measure such data analysis.

How are Web Analytics tools used?

Web analytics tools either use “tags” which are inserted as a snippet of JavaScript in the web page’s code or cookies may be used to track the regular visits and individual sessions. However, one should be aware that web analytic tools often do not give a perfectly accurate data as cookies can be deleted very easily and browsers also carry certain restrictions. Also, analytics may vary across different tools.

How are the web analytics data categorized?

There are a few dashboards which are present to customize data and other attributes of the users for businesses ease and they are categorized as follows:

Audience Data

which detects the number of visits, unique visitors, new v/s returning ratio, their countries and the browser or device they are using.

Audience Behavior

that detects the common landing and exit pages, frequently viewed pages, length of time spent per visit and number of pages per visit as well as the bounce rate.

Campaign Data 

which shows the campaigns which drove most of the traffic, websites which referred most traffic, which keyword searches resulted in the most number of visits and the campaign medium breakdown i.e. email v/s social media

Now that we have a brief idea about the web analytics, let us look at how to choose the right tool.

How to choose the right Web analytics tools for your business?

Businesses have been using web analytics platforms since ages to get an insight of site performance, a better understanding of the audience to help improve its websites for a better user experience and also the key performance indicators which drives the business.

This is important to analyze the effects your campaigns are having on the target audience and also guides the businesses to know where improvements or changes are needed to be incorporated for a better performance in future.

Due to this, choosing a proper web analytics tool is a very important task. Here, we tell you what all you need to consider before choosing the right web analytics tool:

Evaluate the Mandatory Features

Make a list of the must-have features in your web analytics tools. Be it campaign attribution tracking or real-time analytics or calculated metrics, etc., all should be put up clearly so that web analytics tools shopping becomes an easier task.

Tracking Plan

The data sources should align with your specific needs so that multiple databases can be accessed and file types of specific products can be known.

Good Visualization

Rather than receiving a tool where you have to read all the necessary data and interpret the analytics, it should have a good way of graphing and visually aiding analytics view to make your work more efficient and easier.

Safety & Security

This is very essential as some business require both role-based and user-based security for administrative purposes. Also, security mechanisms are necessary for the database and operating system.

Budget Constraint

Costs are a huge factor when it comes to business and therefore, a certain budget needs to be devised and accordingly the right tool should be chosen.

Evaluating and understanding Product Preference

A lot of time and money is spent on learning how a particular tool works. In order to save that time and cost, start evaluating new technology and getting more knowledge about such tools from beforehand.

Check demos

Before completely implementing a single tool for your web analytics consider seeing some demos or samples to compare and know which is a better choice for your product or business.

Other Essentials

Getting an NDA, understanding the roadmap for the tools, getting testimonials from other users of the same tool, identifying your technical support required and also, knowing if you want a mobile-based or desktop based analytical tool are some of the other important aspects for choosing a web analytics tool.

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Now that you have a brief idea about what to look into before purchasing a web analytics tool for your business, we recommend to you some of the top web analytics tools in the market for you to check out:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Crazy Egg
  3. Woopra
  4. Mint
  5. Clicky
  6. KISSmetrics
  7. User Testing
  8. Spring Metrics
  9. Mouse Flow
  10. Chartbeat
  11. Alexa
  12. Piwik
  13. Site Meter
  14. Fox Metrics
  15. Go Squared

Start trying them now and choose the best one for your business!

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