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How to Create State Bank of India Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

How to Create State Bank of India Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

How to create State Bank of India Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

Hello, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about the virtual credit card. It’s a legal, very secure and only one time usable. It’s very important for shopping or anything. When I started blogging and I want to purchase domain then I got a super offer from GoDaddy but to get this offer I have to pay through credit card only. So, virtual credit card helps me a lot to buy the cheap domain. So, I thought it will help others so, I’m sharing this article with you.

Who can apply for it?

If you are a student and not having a job then you can’t afford actual credit card so, you can use this virtual credit card. You can manually set the limit and one only one time. like I’m creating a virtual credit card and I set limit 2000/- INR so, I can use 2000/- INR (not more then) and only one time. Anyone can apply but you need your bank account with net banking facility.

Which banks provide this facility?

There are lots of banks provide this facility but I prefer SBI VCC, ICICI Bank VCC, HDFC Bank VCC, HSBC Bank VCC, CITI Bank VCC & Kotak Net Card only. Other providers EntroPay, Payoneer, American Express, AccountNow, BankFreedom, Interbank, NETELLER, Netspend. So, these are provided VCC (Virtual Credit Card) facility.

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How to create SBI Virtual Credit Card?

To create SBI VCC login to your SBI account. Select e-Cards & Generate Virtual Credit Card. Select your account and set the spending limit (between 100/- INR to 50,000/- INR). Accept terms and conditions and Generate. Check your registered mobile number and enter OTP & Confirm. Now, your VCC generated save this card by screenshot or save because you don’t get the actual card. On the card, you get all information like card number, CVV, Exp. Date & Year etc. Now, you are ready to use this card. If you misplace this card then go to Virtual Card Details and you will get your VCC. So, in this way you can create an SBI VCC and other bank VCC. The procedure is almost same. Make sure you can use only one time.

All done! Have Fun!

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