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How to Uninstall Windows 7 and Parallels from Mac

How to uninstall Windows 7 and Parallels from Mac

Hey, I’m back with another tutorial. In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about uninstall windows from Parallels.

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Now, If you have windows on your Mac then you can see Windows icon on you desktop. Please don’t move to trash directly otherwise some files and partition allow to windows will not completely clear. So, please follow this procedure.

Now, Open Parallel Desktop 10 app. Once its open goto File and select Option.

Now, Its important to select proper option.

1st is Move To Trash. It means If you select this option then it will completely remove windows partition (of 20GB or something), files and others which you save on windows. So, check this option If you want to remove it completely.

2nd is Keep Files. If you select this option then It will save all files and remove on windows partition. And yo will get all files on Mac. So, ckeck this option If you want all files.

So, choose option which you like and done!

It will take some time (1-2mins) and finally you will get a message like Removed Applications From Dock. (Don’t forget to Empty Trash)

Ok, Now, goto Apple logo and select About this Mac. Select Storage & you see partition is restore. (If you provide 20GB partition while installing windows then in the end you see 20GB is added to overall storage)

In this way, you can completely remove windows from Parallel Desktop 10.

All done!

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