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ThirstyAffiliates Link Cloaker WordPress Plugin Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online If you are a blogger and you just started blogging. In the beginning, you don’t have more traffic so you can’t earn by Google AdSense or other advertising programs. So, you should start affiliate marketing to earn some money. There are so many ways to earn money online without investment. Today, I’m going to talk about ThirstyAffiliate Link Cloaker WordPress Plugin which is a plugin which allows you to manage your all affiliate links.

When I started affiliate marketing, I didn’t earn money from it because I don’t have any knowledge about how to optimize affiliate links properly & I don’t know, which one is the right tool for this. But after using the ThirstyAffiliate plugin, I can easily manage all my affiliate links at one place and I can also optimize it easily. So, it helps me to earn money from affiliate marketing.

ThirstyAffiliates Link Cloaker WordPress Plugin Review

Why ThirstyAffiliate?thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

The ThirstyAffiliate plugin is free of cost & as I said earlier, it has some excellent features which help you to generate more sales. There are so many affiliate plugins out there but I like ThirstyAffiliate because it is highly equipped with some additional functionality and it is free of course! The ThirstyAffiliate offers advanced features as well which are paid. But when I compare ThirstyAffiliate with other affiliate management plugins, no doubt they also offer advanced features but those plugins are paid not free. You have to pay, to use those plugins. When ThirstyAffiliate offers excellent functionality at free of cost. That’s why I prefer ThirstyAffiliate compare to others.

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How to setup ThirstyAffiliate on WordPress website?

1st of all you have to download ThirstyAffiliate plugin. Once you download, install and activate it. Now, go to ThirstyAffiliate plugin settings. Here you can optimize your affiliate links, adding links, add banners and much more.

Go to Affiliate links and choose Settings. There are plenty of options there but don’t get confused, the screenshot is given below and you just copy the settings. And you are ready to go! Once you were done, click on Save Changes.thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin reviewthirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin reviewthirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

How to Add Affiliate Links?

The ThirstyAffiliate plugin allows adding links in 2 ways. To add a new affiliate link, go to Affiliate links and Add New. Enter the name of your affiliate link. You can follow the procedure regarding the screenshot given below. Insert your affiliate link in URLs. If you want to add an image then you can insert an image from that otherwise Save Link. Now, your 1st affiliate link is added.

thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

You can either add links from the post. Go to Post and Add New Post. At the editor section of the post, you will find green colored icon where you can add affiliate links & also direct into the post that’s cool! right?thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

How to insert banners?

You can insert banners as well which makes ThirstyAffiliate unique from others. If you put a creative image with a hyperlink which catches readers eyes easily compare to the anchor text linking. Overall it creates good sales. So, you should try this one. By ThirstyAffiliate you can also insert images. I think you might remember when we are adding our 1st affiliate link, at the bottom, there is a box called Attach Images where you can add an image. So, this is the good option to increase your affiliate sales.

thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

Apart from these features, ThirstyAffiliate also allows some add-ons which are additional & premium features of ThirstyAffiliate. But, I tested 4 add-ons which are given below.

thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

As I said earlier, these add-ons are additional & premium features so these are paid. You can purchase these add-ons as a bundle or purchase add-ons individually.

1. CSV Importer:

This is very helpful to you only when you want to switch from another plugin. Like if you are using another affiliate plugins & you want to switch to ThirstyAffiliate then you need this add-on. Otherwise, it’s not for you. So, you should import all affiliate links into ThirstyAffiliate by using CSV Importer which is very easy & simple. It takes hardly 1-2 mins to import all your existing links to ThirstyAffiliate.thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

2. Geolocations:

I think this is the best add-on for whom are using Bluehost, Hostgator or Amazon affiliate program. You might know, these companies redirect the user to their country’s URL. So, if you are from the USA and you enter then it will redirect to Sometimes you miss you affiliate sale because of these. Geolocations add-on allows you to redirect your user to your particular choice of URL. Geolocations add-on will detect the user location and redirect them to a specific site of your choice. So, these are a very helpful tool. You should try this to increase your affiliate sales.thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

3. Azon:

It is same as the Geolocations add-on but this is only for Amazon. And this is also a very helpful tool. If you are Indian, & you insert Amazon India’s affiliate link. But when you readers from US or UK open that URL and they will redirect to their particular country’s URL then you don’t get the benefit of that sale. From Azon add-on, you can import all Amazon affiliate URLs from your WordPress website & it supports all major Amazon stores. So, you can use Azon add-on to redirect your users to the specific country’s URL.thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

4. Autolinker:

Autolinker is one of my favorite add-ons. It is an excellent plugin which allows great functionality to increase your affiliate sales. You have to add some keywords & set the limit per keyword and rest of work will do by Autolinker. Autolinker adds affiliate links on those keywords which you’re added and it also manages the limit which you set. Now, relax and wait for your Sales. So, I really like these 4 add-ons I found it helpful.thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

Pricing of ThirstyAffiliate Add-Ons:

As I said earlier, these add-ons are the additional functionality of ThirstyAffiliate so these are paid. Now, it depends on you how you want to purchase this add-on like you can purchase add-on bundle or purchase individually. Here is the screenshot of the pricing. They also give 14 days money back guarantee, so if you don’t find it helpful then you can get your money back in 14 days. Please read the return policy before purchase, so you have an idea how they work?thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin reviewthirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin reviewthirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin reviewThat’s it for ThirstyAffiliates review. I hope you like it. Thumbs if you did & share if you love. Leave your comments below & tell me which plugin you are using to manage your affiliate links?

See you in the next one.

Thank You.

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thirstyaffiliates link cloaker wordpress plugin review

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