The Best Video Editing Software of 2018

The Best Video Editing Software of 2018

Hey, Today, I’m gonna talk about the best video editing software of 2018 which I use to make & edit my YouTube videos. It’s for Mac & PC both. So, I have categorized them into 3 different categories & links are given below. So, check out the link & you will get all the information about the particular software.

Many people were asking me about which video editing software you are using to your YouTube videos? So, I thought, I should share my list of the best video editing software of 2018. So, without any further due, let dive into it.

Check out the video guide as well;

Category 1: Free Softwares

-Davinci Resolve:
– Hitfilm4 Express:
– Lightworks:

Category 2: <199$

– iMovie:
– Fillmore:
– Screenflow:
– Adobe premier elements:

Category 3: >199$

– Light works:
– Hitfilm pro:
– Final cut pro X:
– Adobe premier pro CC:
– Davinci Resolve Studio:
– Avid Medio composer:

So, that was my list of the best video editing software of 2018. You should also check out my Best Mac Apps 2018 article. Thumbs if you like and share if you love. Leave your comments below and share your list.

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