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System Preferences on Mac

System Preferences on Mac

System Preferences on Mac

Hey, Once again I’m back with another amazing tutorial. In this article, I’m gonna talk about System Preferences on Mac. It’s like the control panel on Windows. You can customize or change settings here. You can open it by Spotlight search, application menu and through the Apple Menu.

Step-by-Step video tutorial;


Appearance: You can change the color of menus, buttons etc.

Highlight color: It will change the color of highlighted things. (by default color is Grey)

Sidebar icon size: To modify sidebar icon size. (Open finder and sidebar is at left side)

Default web browser: You can set you by default web browser from here.

Desktop & Screen Saver: Set your desktop wallpaper and also screen Saver.

Dock: To customize your Dock. You can adjust size, magnification & position of Dock.

Hot corners: You can modify hot corners. Please turn off Dashboard. To prevent battery life.

Language & Region: You can set language, region, calendar, time etc.

Security & Privacy:  You can update your administration password & app permission. Please turn off your fire vault & firewall. You can change privacy, app permission etc. In the end, don’t forget to lock your changes.

Spotlight: You can adjust search. Select the categories which you want to allow in your search.

Notifications: you can turn on/off your notifications.

CDs & DVDs: Please make changes as per your need.

Displays: You can modify Resolution, Brightness, Airplay etc.

Every Saver: Please make changes as per your need.

Keyboard: You can modify the brightness of keyboard backlight.

Mouse: You can connect your USB Mouse/ Bluetooth Mouse.

Trackpad: To customize more gestures.

Printers & Scanners: You can add Printers & Scanners to Mac.

Sound: You can modify Sound effect, input or output, alert volume etc.

Startup disk: To boot in other installed OS.

iCloud: Sync all your data to iCloud. For that, you have to login in your Apple account.

Internet Accounts: You can manage your emails, social accounts etc.

App Store: You can download apps from App Store, update apps & latest version of Mac OS.

Network: You can modify your wifi, Bluetooth, thunderbolt etc. connection from here.

Extensions: You can modify your extensions like all or third party extensions.

Sharing: You can manage your CD/DVD, screen & file sharing, FTP, Remote login, Bluetooth sharing etc.

Users & Group: You can modify your admin & guest account, password, Login items etc.

Parental Control: The person who have their younger children to prevent access all your files from them, So, you can use Parental Control.

Siri: You can modify your personal assistant.

Time Machine: You can back up your whole Mac on external hard drive.

Accessibility: You can access app permission from here.

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