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10 Cool Spotlight Tips & Tricks for Mac You Should Know

10 Cool Spotlight Ti[s & Tricks for Mac You Should Know

Hey, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about Spotlight. I must say Spotlight can do anything on your Mac. I’m gonna give you 10 tips and tricks about it.

There are 2 methods to launch Spotlight;

1st is Press Command + Space.

2nd is Click on the search button on menu bar.

Launch any Application: You can launch any application by it. For that open Spotlight and write a name of application and press enter. In this way, you can launch any application by Spotlight.

Direct open any Website: Write domain of website and hit enter and website will open in Default web browser.

Search Files/Folders: Write a name of a folder and it will show that folder with all files containing in it.

To know file path: Write a name of a folder and select the file & Press & Hold Command. You will see file path at the bottom.

Solve Math Problem: Enter simple math problem (like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc.) and it will show the answer.

Search Specific Files: Enter Kind: and write whatever you want to search. It will show you the specific file which you search.

Currency Rate: Enter amount (like 100$) and it will show you today’s dollar to INR (or other) rate and the total amount in INR.

Direct make calls from FaceTime: Enter the name of the person and it will give you 3-4 different options like the call, message, mail, video call etc.

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