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How to Sign up For a DreamHost Account

How to Sign up For a DreamHost Account

How to Sign up For a DreamHost Account

Hey, Today’s tutorial is about Dreamhost. In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about Dreamhost hosting, how you can create an account, how to purchase web hosting plan, how you can connect your existing domain with Dreamhost. So, let’s get started.


Dreamhost is the Award Winning Web & WordPress Hosting Provider Company. They provide different services like website builder, domain name, hosting and servers, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and much more.

Dreamhost offers 1-year free domain with a purchase of 1-year web hosting. But when you create a free trial account, you have to pay for domain or you can use your existing domain to free sign up for 15 days with Dreamhost [Now, they don’t give trial account access].

So, If you want to try Dreamhost then you should try for the 1-month plan and after using it, if you find it helpful and want to continue then you should upgrade your account.

I’m using Dreamhost and I really like it, they provide 24*7 customer services & best uptime servers at least prices.


How to purchase web hosting on DreamHost?

Click here to open Dreamhost. Now, click on Hosting & Servers and choose Web Hosting. Scroll down or click on see our shared hosting plans. Before choosing a proper plan you have to read this.

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If you want to try Dreamhost then choose 1-month plan otherwise select 1 or 3-year plan. Please remember, If you purchase more, you will get better value like if you purchase for 1-month then you have to pay $10.95/mo, 1-year plan at $9.95/mo & 3-year plan at $7.95/mo. So, check properly before selecting the plan.

Once you choose the plan, click on sign up!

How to create an account with Dreamhost?

Once you click on sign up, enter your email, password & hit continue. Now, select the domain name of your website or if you have a domain name, you can connect with it. Dreamhost gives you 1-year free domain in the purchase of 1-year web hosting. So, if you don’t have a domain name, choose one. Enter the name whatever you like and you can continue if it available.

Now, again choose the plan, which you select earlier & hit continue. Next are additional options, MySQL VPS. You don’t need this if you are beginners. Uncheck this button and continue. You can purchase this further. Enter your personal details. Please add correct details. Once you are done click on Place Order Now!

Now, your account is created and you just purchase web hosting with Dreamhost. To log in, connect to your web panel. Please check your email and you will find some emails from Dreamhost billing, account info, and id/password etc. Now, you can build your website. Before building your website, 1st you need to do is connect your old domain with Dreamhost. If you select a new domain with Dreamhost then you don’t need to connect it but if you purchase a domain from other providers then you have to connect it with Dreamhost.

How to connect existing domain with Dreamhost?

When you are on choose your domain page and you want to connect your old domain with Dreamhost then click on I will set this up letter. Log in to your dashboard of Dreamhost web hosting. Click on Manage Domains from the toolbox. Select Add New Domain.

Now, enter your domain name/website name whatever. Add user, if you don’t have then create a user. Once you add user then you don’t need to do anything, Dreamhost will take care of it. Click on Fully Host This Domain. It takes 4-5 mins to get access.

So, in this way, you can connect domain with Dreamhost.

Now, you are ready to install WordPress and create your website. Login to your Dreamhost dashboard and choose One-Click Installs & select WordPress. Now, select the domain on which you want to install WordPress. Leave empty subdomain box. Select Automatically Create Database from Select Database. Leave Deluxe Install and Install it For Me Now!

Now, WordPress is installed on your domain. You can check it by clicking on the link. This is your website but you can make it more creative by following this articles. Click here for these articles.

After 10-15 min opens your website and you will see WordPress installation. Choose your language and continue. Create id/password for WordPress & you are done!

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I hope you like this tutorial. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Thumbs if you like and share if you love. Leave your thoughts below and tell if you like this or not, do you want to try Dreamhost or not and if you current user of Dreamhost then shares your experience with me. I love to hear from you!

See you in the next one.

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