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Earn Money on Short Links – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Earn Money on Short Links – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hello, In this tutorial, I’m talking about a complete tutorial about Short links. I’m gonna cover all the topics related to Short links What is Short links, What are the advantages of using it, How to create it & how to earn money through it? So, let’s get start with basics.

What’s is Short links?

It’s a unique link which is shorted by providers for compatibility & savings words (for like twitter). It contains providers URL & your small URL It’s a like pet name. If your friends call you by pet name instead of actual name. It has 2 benefits like they don’t have to speak your full name & you can differentiate they are calling you. So, in this way Short link works. There are lots of Short links providers like Google,,, etc.

What are the advantages of using Short links?

I’m taking an example, like It’s a short link of my YouTube channel. I’m using In this, 1st part is my provider and 2nd part 2i4EZFI which is shorted URL of my YouTube channel. Can you imagine? YouTube URL is around 50 words and it converts into 7 words! So, it’s very helpful for sharing. And it works same as actual URL. You don’t have to copy long URL of your YouTube channel and share it with your friends. If you are using Twitter then you can’t share long URLs because it has words limit (140 words). So, it’s very helpful for the Twitter purpose. It’s very useful for sharing & you can make money from it. In short double benefit!

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How to create Short links?

There are lots of Short links providers like Google,,, etc. I’m gonna talk about All working same & earnings depends upon ads and where it shows. To create it you have to create an account. Open this link and click on sign up. You can also create an account through Facebook & Twitter. Otherwise, select your username & password. Enter your email id and Create Account. Verify your email and Get Started. Now, login to your account. Once login, it’s your home page and you will get all information about your short links here. Now, to create short links click on Create Bitlink. Enter your actual URL and it will automatically convert it into short URL. You can copy & share it from there and if you want to save if for future purpose then click on Save.

how to earn money through Short links?

You can make money through short links but you need heavy traffic on your website or YouTube channel where you share these links. will pay you 5$-12$ per 10,000 clicks. So, If you share it with your friends and someone clicks on it then you will get paid (but you have to cross 10k clicks). You can withdraw money whenever you want & transfer through PayPal. So, in this way you can also make money from it. So, in my opinion, you should try this if you are blogger or YouTuber. Because once you built a huge audience then you can’t imagine how much you earn!

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