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How to Setup External Hard Drive on Mac

How to Setup External Hard Drive on Mac

Hello, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about how to setup External Hard Drive on your mac. It’s very important because you can’t use the external hard drive without make it compatible. Let’s get started!

How to Setup External Hard Drive on Mac

1st of all, Connect your external hard drive to Mac & Open Disk Utilities by Spotlight or Alfred. Now, you see a window of Disk Utilities. There are 2 sections in the left sidebar.

1st is the Internal hard drive. please do not touch this, because it’s your internal SSD.

2nd is the External hard drive. Now, you can see your connected hard drive in it. Now, Select your external hard drive and click on Erase. The new window is open, there are 3 options. Enter the name. 2nd is Format,  It’s very important, Do it carefully. Now, If you want to use your external hard drive only for Mac then Use Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Format. And If you want to use only for windows then select exFAT.

Step-by-Step video tutorial as well;

But I’m giving this tutorial for both Mac & PC. So, you can use your external hard drive for both. So, Now 1st select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Format & Select GUID Partition Map scheme. Now click on Erase. It will take around 5-8sec to erase. Now your external hard drive is compatible with Mac(only).

For make disk partition,

Now select, your external hard drive and click on Partition. The new window is open and makes proper partition. For Mac & PC both. OK. Now you have two partitions, select one of them and give the name of that partition. So, If you made this partition for Mac then give a name(like Mac or Time Machine). Now, select the format. If you made this partition for Mac then Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled). And again check the size of the partition. Once changes were done, Click on Apply.

Now, Select other partition, Give the name and select the format. If you use this for PC then select exFAT formatAgain check the partition size. Once changes did click on Apply.

Now, you can see in Disk Utility window, there are 2 other partitions will add. You can also check from a secondary click on it and get info.

All Done!

So, in this way you can make a partition for both Mac & PC and use it for both. Please follow my instruction carefully and if you having any error message while partitions then please do it again. And if you having any problem regarding this then please contact me through comment box or email.

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