How to Search Videos within a YouTube Channel on Smartphone

search youtube videos

Search YouTube Videos on Smartphone

Hello, YouTube is the 2nd large search engine. Daily 1B views on YouTube worldwide. There are so many people daily stream YouTube and stay connected with it. YouTube provides the best functionality to search particular video, monetization & advertising through videos and much more. There are more half billion people mostly stream YouTube on mobile devices compared to laptop/PC. So, there is a feature YouTube gives only on PC/laptop, not on mobile devices.

You might see while streaming YouTube on PC/laptop, if you are following any YouTuber and you check out some interesting videos on his channel then you use the search function to search any particular video of his channel. But when you are streaming on mobile devices like Android, iOS & Windows, you won’t find that search button which allows searching within the YouTube youtube videos

So, to overcome this issue, there is “YouTube Search Engine” app which can help you to overcome this problem. You can sign in with your Google account. You will see some kind of YouTube search engine there. The best part is now you can use this website on your smartphone instead of using official YouTube app.

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search youtube videos

Once you log in with your YouTube account, you will see the subscribers list on the “Select YouTube Channel” drop-down box. Now, select the YouTuber and enter the name of the video on “YouTube Search Query” and hit Search. You can’t add multiple accounts but you can switch the accounts. Click “Logout” and login to your new account. The best part is this app doesn’t store any data of your YouTube account. If you are using PC/laptop for YouTube streaming then this app is not for youtube videos

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How to Search Videos Within a YouTube Channel on Smartphone
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