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SEOmator Review – A SEO Tool for Complete Website Audit

SEOmator Review – A SEO Tool for Complete Website Audit

Have you been looking for a SEO tool for complete website audit for your blog? Some of you might not familiar with “SEO Audit” word. SEO Audit means, checking your website SEO progress on a regular basis if there is some SEO or technical issues then finding those issues etc. So, SEO Audit is very important to get ideas about our website health. Now, again we go to our previous question, If your answer is yes, then I think I should put a tool in front of you. I’m talking about SEOmator which is a SEO tool for complete website audit and it is trusted by leading marketers and SEO agencies. So, let’s take a look at SEOmator review – a SEO tool for complete website audit and it features.

Every day I get many questions from readers regarding SEO tools, which SEO tool is best? Which one should I use? These questions are obvious because in the past few years there are lots of SEO tools out there so newbies or sometimes professional bloggers are also get confused while selecting the SEO tool. There are many SEO tools in the market right now but all are for different purposes like SEOmator is for SEO Audit, SEMrush is for Keywords research, backlink & lead generation, Ahrefs is for competitive analysis etc. So, my point is you should use these tools but first, you should figure out why you need any tool? If your answer is for SEO Audit then you can use SEOmator tool.

Why I need SEOmator?

Search engine optimization is not a one-time job because Google changes the ranking algorithm on a daily basis which is confirmed by John Mueller’s tweet. To get 1st position in SERP is no longer an easy task. So, you should up-to-date with recent algorithm update and it’s effect on your website’s SEO. So, for this reason, I need a tool which helps me to get information about my website’s health on regular basis.

What is SEOmator?

SEOmator is the complete website audit tool which analyses your website and gives the complete details of on-page optimization. It also provides SEO audit report in any format so that you share this report with your clients or colleagues. The SEO audit report is well written and gives you the brief details about your website. You get tips and ideas on how you can optimize your website & improve your SEO efforts.

If you are the owner of a website then you know how difficult to manage a website is! The 1st and main problem is site health. If you have an idea about SEO then you can optimize it properly but when it comes to checking website health regularly then? It seems obvious that it won’t be possible without SEO audit tool. This is exactly where SEOmator comes into the game!

After successful login to the dashboard, you can find 3 boxes over there. The 1st on for website audit, the 2nd box shows your SEOmator plan and last but not least 3rd one is for SEOmator tutorials. It’s very important and there are almost every tutorials which help you to get started. After completion of your website audit, you can see your website under Your Projects tab. Click on View to go further. The navigation bar on the top of the page allows you to different sections of SEOmator which include Domain Comparison, Embedded SEO Audit Widget, bulk processing, monitoring and your profile.

So, no further due, I’m going to share my review on SEOmator tool and I also provide how to fix all the issues you’ll face while auditing your website.

SEOmator Review – A SEO Tool for Complete Website Audit

Overview Page:

The 1st page you show after clicking on your project is overview page. It’s like all about your website is. You can find all the data collected by SEOmator here. These all should be addressed correctly for better performance. But the most important part is you can check Domain Authority Metrics and Page Rank Metrics which give you valuable information. You also get to view some important topics like HTML tags performance, usability, crawling, web technologies, server response & off page research.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit


HTML Tags:

HTML tags are the 1st thing comes to the mind while optimizing any website. Don’t worry, if you don’t think about it then SEOmator is here to help you. It will check heading tag, title tag & meta tags of your website and give you the details in the form of line chart & pie chart which helps to get a clear idea about what needs to be done. The best part is, SEOmator indicates the error values like a duplicate, unique and not set in different colors. Like if you have any duplicate values in title, description, or H1 then it will indicate by yellow color. That’s cool, right?

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit

You can also see how many times you use the particular HTML tag on your website. All the issues related to HTML tags are given in the Issues Found tab.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website auditClick on + to expand and there is video tutorial available on how to fix. When you scroll down the page you can see the whole list of URLs. You should connect your Google Analytics account for better results. You can copy these all URLs and also export in CSV.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit

Internal Links:

Links are the important part of off-page optimization. You can check all internal and external links to your website by using SEOmator. You should regularly check your links. Here, you will see all internal and external links to your website with its attribute. No offense but link attribute is also important for SEO perspective. So, SEOmator distributes these links into dofollow or nofollow links.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit

In the indicators tab, there are 4 different metrics. 1st is total links, text anchor, IMG anchor and loop links. You can see the line chart which gives you the numbers of dofollow and nofollow links. Internal and outbound links charts are also given below. At last, you can see the list of URLs of your website including internal and external links. If there is an error, then you can see in Issues Found tab.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit


Content Quality:

Content is the most important part of any website. So, it should be unique and provide value to the users. If users found it interesting or helpful then only your website gets high traffic and more engagement. So, SEOmator is here to help you, SEOmator scans your whole content and give you the report about it. You can see these screenshots given below;

seomator review a seo tool for complete website auditthere 2 different metrics duplicate content and number of words per page. It gives results in pie chart so you can simply compare the data with your competitor and improve your content. You should check duplicate content metrics and try to decrease the duplicate content from your website which affects your overall ranking in SERP.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit

Mobile Usability:

After Google Penguin Update, Google made many changes in the ranking algorithm. So, responsive websites have benefit for getting higher rank in SERP. And more on, as per Google’s report, more than 60% of searches performed on the mobile devices. So, your website should be mobile friendly to get high traffic.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit

Google also introduce AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which is a revolution in the SEO field. It loads up faster than your regular web page. So, that’s why having your website optimized for mobile is essential. If you are using WordPress website then you should AMP plugin which is free and it automatically generates the AMP. You can see the following screenshot, SEOmator checks your website whether it is mobile friendly or not and it will give you the score.

Structured Data:

There are two structured data charts are given in the screenshots. They clearly mention whether or not structure data is found on your website. You can also see the which type of structured data in the specified pie chart. It also gives the list of URLs that have the structured data.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit

Page Speed:

Page speed also matters for SEO perspective. If your page load time is higher then the chances of getting higher rank are low. So, the page speed time is as low as possible to get higher rank in SERP. seomator review a seo tool for complete website auditSEOmator gives you two metrics response time and page size with the pie chart. If the page size is larger then you have to optimize it because it affects the loading speed.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website auditYou can also use Google PageSpeed Insights tools to get an actual idea about your web page and it also suggests some changes which help you to get properly optimize the web page.

Text Statistics:

There are 4 tabs under text statistics. You should check all tabs and the most important thing is keyword density. You can see the most used keywords here. You should also consider adding IMG-ALT tags into the images. If you forgot to add IMG-ALT tags to an image then you should check IMG-ALT tab.

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Site Structure:

It’s a structure of your website including all pages, categories, and its URLs. You can also see the numbers of URLs in each web page. If you found any irrelevant URL in it then you can simply remove it.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit


Social Media:

Social media plays an important role in SEO. There are many reasons for having social media page of any website. Like all social media websites have high DA/PA and it gives nofollow backlinks but some of them actually give dofollow links like Tumblr. So, you will have quality backlinks and social media sites have a high amount of traffic. So, you should create social media page of your website & share your content on regular basis to drive referral traffic towards your website.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit

Well, here is the tool which provides tracking of your social media page like Facebook shares, Google+ shares, Pinterest shares etc. It categories your content into 2 different metrics; high attractive content & low attractive content. If there any issues found then you can find it under issues found the tab.


Backlinks are also very important part of off-page optimization. That’s why you should regularly monitor them. You can check your backlinks here and it also shows whether it is dofollow or nofollow. It also shows you the main competitors but the list is limited here. They suggest SEMrush tool for competitors analysis and even I suggest too. SEMrush is the great tool for monitoring backlinks, competitors analysis & keywords research. So, I think you should try it at least once.


Organic Presence:

You can check your top keywords & indicators here. These data are very helpful, it shows you how well your site performs on Search Engine. You can also check the main competitors but as I said SEMrush is the best tool for competitors analysis.

Crawler Report:

SEOmator gives in-depth analysis report of your website with crawl status, HTTP response etc. You can see the numbers of crawled URLs. & response code. The best part is, it also check the canonical tag which is very useful to remove duplicate pages & content from the website. You can find the canonical tag report under the pie chart.

seomator review a seo tool for complete website audit

PDF Export:

You can download the whole SEO audit report here in pdf which is great for them who are working on SEO agencies. So, you can simply download the whole report from here and share it with your clients or colleagues.

Domain Comparison:

It’s great functionality of SEOmator. You can compare any two domain here. It gives the comparison & you can make changes in your website from it. So, it’s very helpful. If you find your competitor and if they working good on search engine then you should compare their website with yours. Gather all the data and then you know very well what should you do!

Embedded SEO Audit Widget:

It’s also a very interesting function of SEOmator. It’s lead generation tool, you just need to place this widget on your website and you’re done! Now SEOmator will work for you to generate the leads exchange of SEO audit report for their website. That’s great right? I really liked this feature!

Bulk Processing:

It’s a tool for them who work with many websites or SEO agencies. You just simply put all the URLs and SEOmator will generate the SEO audit report and when it’s done they will notify by email. After that, you have to download the report and send it to the client. So simple! If you have the file having the list of all websites then you have just uploaded it here and you are done!


This is also a very important feature of SEOmator that I love. It allows you to monitor your website regularly. So, if there any major or minor changes like broke robots.txt, changes in canonical tag etc. occur they will notify you by an email. So, by using monitoring feature you will get up to date on your website.

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I enjoyed SEOmator and actually I use it daily. It’s been more than 2 months now, I’m using SEOmator & I must say it is the best tool for complete website audit. I learned many things about SEO, some issues that affect website SEO. I’m SEO Analyst and I work on many websites. So, I looking for the tools which help me to monitor my website and other client’s websites. And I found SEOmator. Really I love it and It provides awesome functionalities & detailed data of the website, that I’m looking for. It makes my job much simpler. SEOmator has all the functionalities that any SEO tools must have.

Try it now;

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