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How To Restore Your Mac To Factory Settings

How To Restore Your Mac To Factory Settings

How To Restore Your Mac To Factory Settings

Hey, In this video, I’m gonna talk about how to hard reset you Mac Book Pro or Mac Book Air. It’s very simple to hard reset Mac Book Pro. So, let’s get started.

1st of all make a complete backup of your Mac because once you hard reset it will completely format your internal hard drive. So, make sure you have a complete backup of your Mac.

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Once you backup shut down your Mac. Now, Press & hold Command+R and press Power button till you see the Apple logo on your screen. Once you see the Apple logo please do not remove your finger from Command & R. You will see a new window on your screen. Your Mac is now Recovery Mode.

Choose Disk Utility and Continue. Now, select your internal hard drive volume (not internal hard drive) and click on Erase. Enter the name whatever you like and choose Mac OS Extended Journaled Format. It will take some time to format and convert into Mac OS Extended Journaled Format. Click on Done and now you can see your internal hard drive is completely formatted. Close this window.

So, in this way, you can Hard Reset/Factory Reset your Mac Book Pro.

How to Fresh Install Mac OS?

Once again boot into recovery mode and select ReInstall Mac OS if you want a fresh install of your Mac OS otherwise connect your external hard drive to restore your old backup (which you created at the beginning). But in this tutorial we are going to fresh install Mac OS so select ReInstall Mac OS and Continue. Make sure you are connected to your internet because it will download Mac OS Sierra from Apple server and it will take some time to download. Again Continue & Agree to Software Licence Agreement. Select your internal hard drive on which you can install new Mac OS and Install. It will take around 5 hours to download and once it completed your Mac will automatically reboot.

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New MacOS Sierra is completely installed and it’s time to setup the new MacOS. Choose your Country & Keyboard and Continue. Connect to your Wifi and Continue. If you have an old backup then you can directly restore from here otherwise choose Don’t transfer any information now and Continue. Enable location if you want and Continue. Enter your Apple id password and Continue. Once Continue you will get a message from Apple on your registered mobile number. Enter Security code and Continue. Accept terms and conditions and Agree.

Now, setup your computer profile and Continue. Setup iCloud Keychain or set up later and Continue. If you want any encryption of your data then check this box and Continue. If you want to sync your documents and a desktop file to iCloud then check this box and Continue. Enable Siri and Continue. Now, setting up your Mac and once it’s done you are ready to go.

All done! Have fun!

In this way, you can fresh install MacOS.

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Thank You.

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