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MacOS Sierra Photos App Tips & Tricks

MacOS Sierra Photos App Tips & Tricks

macOS Sierra Photos App Tips & Tricks

Hey, In this tutorial, I’m gonna talk about Photos. A complete tutorial about Photos and some tips & tricks of Photos.

  1. Add to Favourites: Select your favorite photos & click on heart shape icon. So, selected picture will add to favorites.  You can check by favorite folder which is in the left bar. If you want to remove any photos from favorites then again click on heart shape icon & it will remove from favorites.
  2. Add a New Empty Album: Goto File and select New Empty Album. Now, give a name to album & album will add. If you want to add photos to this album then select the photos and simply drag n drop to the album. So simple!
  3. Remove Album: Goto left the bar and select the album which you want to delete. Secondary click on an album and Delete Album. But make sure photos will not delete. You can find those pics in Photos.
  4.  Search pics by Keywords: If you want to search a pic, but you have a huge collection of pics then this trick is for you. You have to a keyword to same types of pics. So, when you search a pic then you have to enter a keyword and you can find pics very easily. For that 1st you have to go to View and select Metadata and make sure you check Keywords, otherwise, it can’t  work. Now, select the pic which you want to add tag and secondary click on it and select Get Info & Add a Keywords. If you want to open those pics go to search bar and enter that word which you enter as a keyword & It will show you all pics. In this way, you can add a keyword and you can easily find pics.
  5. Make Smart Album: Goto File and New Smart Album. Now, enter the name of the album and select the proper conditions. Hit OK & go to Smart Album (in left bar) and see the pics as per your conditions which you entered.
  6. Adjust Date & Time: Sometimes you see that you take a picture in a particular place and when to copy it to Photos then it will automatically change date or location. So, to modify it select the photo and go to Image and select Adjust Date & Time. Now, modify date and location and hit Adjust. Now, you can see date and location will change.
  7. Rotate Pics: Sometimes pics are automatically rotated in Photos. To adjust select the pic and press Command + R.
  8. Remove Duplicate: You can remove duplicate pics on Photos. Click Here! for the tutorial.
  9. Make a Time Machine Backup: If you lost all your Mac data or any issues with Mac then If you don’t have any backup of your data or pics then you lost them forever. So, make sure you have a backup of all your Mac data. If you don’t know how to backup then Click here!
  10. Buy More cloud Space: Actually, Its a better option, because 1st you save your money & 2nd you can sync these pics with iPhone, iPad etc. you don’t need any external hard drive with you all time. So, I think it’s a better option. You add all your pics to iCloud but as we know, Apple gives us only 5GB cloud space for a free account. So, it’s very small space. But if you want more space then you have to buy from iCloud. If you purchase more iCloud space then pay 4$ per month & you will get 200GB iCloud space. In my opinion, it’s the best idea to purchase more space and you whenever you want. It’s very simple! To buy open iCloud and click on Manage & select Buy More Space.

So, these are some tips & trick of Photos. I hope you like it. please leave comments. Share If you like.

Thank you.

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