The Miracle Of New Features Of Mac OS Sierra

The Miracle Of New Features Of Mac OS Sierra

New Features Of Mac OS Sierra

Hello, Today I’m gonna talk about the new features of Mac OS Sierra and latest version I’m using is Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3. So, here is the list of the new features and the video tutorial as well.

New Sierra wallpapers: As you can see your desktop. There are 2 new wallpapers are added. To check open system preferences & select Desktop & Screen Saver. Now, open desktop. So, you can find 2 new wallpapers in your list. So, It’s a new feature of Sierra.

Notification bar: You can see your notification bar. It’s totally changed and transparent. It looks cool.

new features mac os sierra

Hey Siri: The most exciting feature of Sierra is Siri. It’s like your personal assistant. As Cortana is Microsoft assistant. So, in this way Siri is Apple assistant. It’s an awesome feature and you can enable Siri by calling “Hey Siri” Don’t worry I’ll give you next tutorial on it.

new features mac os sierra

Storage: In this feature, you can manage your storage. So, there are some options like empty trash enable. If you enable this option then you don’t have to empty your trash. It will clear automatically in every 30 days. So, It’s an awesome feature of Sierra.

Finder preferences: There is 2 new option added to finder preferences. 1st is showing a warning before empty trash and 2nd is kept a folder at the top when sorting by name. So, it’s cool. Right?

iCloud: Now you can sync your desktop files and documents to iCloud. New option added!!! So, it’s nice but sometimes it’s annoying because I’m using parallel desktop and I have 20 GB Windows 10 on my desktop. So, It will notify me that I’m out of could space!!! So, its nice feature but sometimes it’s annoying.

Dwell control: an Awesome feature of Sierra. New Accessibility feature of Apple is Dwell control. Now you can control your trackpad or cursor with eyes!!! So, it’s an awesome feature.

new features mac os sierra

The picture in picture mode: Now you can watch videos without disturbing your current work. But it only supports in Safari & Opera. It’s not for Firefox and Chrome. By the way, It’s a cool feature. Don’t I will give you the tutorial on it.

new features mac os sierra

Mails: Now you can sort your unread emails through the button. After a long time a new update of emails but its cool!!! new features mac os sierra

Photos: When you import the pics to Photos then It will automatically add the location of the pic. So, You don’t have added a particular pic. So, it’s an awesome feature. And It also shows the last Import pics.

iTunes: If you want to Convert any audio files to mp3 then you have to go to File & open Convert to mp3. In older version of iTunes, this option is on the menu. So, the position is changed in this version. All best mac apps 2018 which I covered in my previous article are compatible with this new version of Mac OS Sierra.

Notes: Now you can tag your friends to notes. Like I want to share pics with my friends on Facebook. So, I have to tag to my friends to share a pic. In this way, you can share your notes with your friends by tagging them. You have to simply click this button.

new features mac os sierra


So, these are the new features of Mac OS Sierra. If you know some new features which I didn’t cover in this article then please tell me know in comment section.

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Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3

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