4 Ways to Make Money On eBay That Had Gone Way Too Far

4 Ways to Make Money On eBay That Had Gone Way Too Far

4 Ways to Make Money on eBay

Hello, I’m gonna talk about eBay, I think you already know about it. But It’s a special tutorial & I’m want to cover some other topics you might not know about it. Let’s get dive into it.

What is eBay?

eBay is the world’s leading eCommerce company provide business to consumer & consumer to consumer sales via website/online store selling their products worldwide. It has an option of bidding so If you have fewer numbers units and demands are more you can also use bidding & get more profit. eBay also allows Affiliate Marketing (don’t know click here!).

How to Create an Account on eBay?

Go to eBay website and click on sign up. Click on register & choose your account type. Now, fill the information and click on Register. Your account is created & now you can buy anything. To sell, click on Sell & enter your address & hit Continue. So simple!

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How to start Affiliate Marketing on eBay?

Now, open epn (eBay Partner Network). Click on sign in & enter id/password of your eBay account. Now, you become Affiliate Partner of eBay (It will take some time to get approve). Open your dashboard and fill other important information.


Click on Account & select Account Progress. Enter your details & PayPal details carefully (don’t know about PayPal Click here!) Accept terms & conditions.

All done!

How to Make Money on eBay?

There are 2 methods to earn money on eBay. 1st is Affiliate Marketing 2nd is by selling your products like antiques.

How to Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing on eBay?

To use affiliate marketing your account has to be fully approved. Click here to check. To know basics of Affiliate Marketing click here! Now, login to your epn (eBay Partner Network) account & click on Tools. There are different options for promoting products.


We are going to talk about Link Generator. Select the product which you like to promote on your website. Copy the link to product & paste here. Now, share this link to the social network, YouTube, your blog and earn money.

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How to Earn Money through Selling Antiques on eBay?

Log in to your account and go to Sell. Enter your address and phone number and Continue. Now, enter what you want to sell antiques & hit Enter. Select the category & hit Continue. Give complete details of your product. Don’t forget to add photos of it. Select If your product is new or used.

If you want to sell your product at the fixed rate then go to Choose a format and price & select Fixed Price. Or you can use Auction. Now, enter range (min price to max price) & Duration.Enter your selling price including shipping & payment details. Setup shipping preferences. Edit your Return Policy & Continue.  Now, your product is live on eBay. If anyone buys it you will get an email.

In short, eBay is the best eCommerce company for Buying, Selling & Affiliate Marketing.

I hope you like this tutorial. If any questions leave your comments below.

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