5 Cool New Mac OS Sierra Tips and Tricks

5 Cool New Mac OS Sierra Tips and Tricks

Hey, Today I’m gonna show you Mac OS Sierra tips and tricks you must know to use Mac like a pro. There are some cool tips and tricks for Mac OS Sierra that you must know. Because if you are doing the same like other OS then what’s the meaning of Mac OS Sierra? So, without further due let’s dive into it.

5 Cool New Mac OS Sierra Tips and Tricks

Make a Folder:

If you have different types of files in one folder then you can separate same files by making a new folder. So, you can make a folder by the traditional method, but we gonna make it by new trick. So, select the files and secondary click on them and select New Folder with Selection. In this way, you can make a folder and directly add a file into it.

Remove volume beep:

When you increase/decrease the volume by the volume keys then you hear a beeping sound. But, when you watching movies or listening songs then it’s annoying. So, To remove this sound open System Preferences & select Sound. Select 1st option Sound Effects. Now, unchecked Play feedback when the volume is changed & you were done!

Follow Step-by-Step video guide;

Private Notes:

Now you can save your id password in notes. So, make a note of your id password and at the top, you can see a lock icon. So, click on the lock and create a master password. Now, open your note and again click on lock. Now, your note is locked. To open it enter your master password which you created. Once it’s complete then you can make any note private.

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Keyboard the Shortcuts:

You can add shortcuts on the keyboard. When you writing a blog or mail then some words are repeating. So, you can generate shortcuts of those words and you don’t have to write the word again. For that open System Preferences and go to the keyboard. Select Text and add words and also make a shortcut word. There are 2 tabs 1st is Replace & 2nd is With. Now, write shortcut in Replace window and write the actual word in With window. Now you were done! Open emails and write the shortcut and it will automatically suggest you actual word.

Arrange Menubar Icon:

You can arrange menubar icon. If you don’t like the random order of icon then to rearrange Press & Hold Command Key & Drag the icon which you want to arrange. So, it’s so simple!

So, these are the 5 tricks I want to show you.

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