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Learn Mac For Beginners: Sierra Edition

Learn Mac For Beginners: Sierra Edition

Learn Mac For Beginners: Sierra Edition

Hello, In this tutorial, we are going to learn mac. So, let’s learn mac for beginners sierra edition. I’m sure you will learn many new things on mac. Before starting, you need to know about Trackpad. The Magic Trackpad is a multi-touch trackpad produced by Apple Inc. The Magic Trackpad mainly consists of glass and aluminum. It works pretty well.

You can add more windows

For that, you have to swipe 4 fingers on the trackpad and move your cursor to the top and you see the + button on the upper right corner, click on it and you will add more windows. 1st window, at the top bar, is called Menu bar and at the bottom, you see some applications on it is called Dock.

To know about your Mac. Open Apple Menu and About this Mac. You will get complete information about your Mac.

To open notification bar click on the Menu bar upper right corner. or another method is swipe 2 fingers on the trackpad.

To open control panel on Mac. Its call System Preferences on Mac.

Follow the video tutorial as well;

There are different methods to open System Preferences;

click on Apple logo and select System Preferences.

open your spotlight (shortcut- command+space or click on menubar icon) and type System Preferences.

Open Apps list & select System Preferences.

Don’t worry my next tutorial is in System Preferences.

To download apps, go to App Store. To launch App Store, Click on Apple Menu & select App Store or you can use spotlight.

If you want to look for Recent Items, click on Apple logo and select Recent Items. You can see the Recent Items. 

You are working with 3-4 apps at a time & apps doesn’t work. So, you have select Force Quit or press Command+Option+ESC & select app which you want to quit.

To open hard drive files. Please click on the 1st app on Dock is called Finder. It’s like My Computer in Windows. Now, at the left sidebar, there are some options like connected device, tags, apps, documents etc. Click on Macintosh HD which is your internal SSD all data like songs, movies, tv shows eat. are saved on it. Now, select user & open home. It’s your Home Directory you can save your files here.

The awesome thing about Mac is it has own preferences for particular apps. You can directly go to particular app preferences. For you have to open any app and at menu bar click on app name and select Preferences.

You can modify Finder sidebar

For that click on finder on the menu bar and select Finder Preferences. Now, add/remove whatever you like to see on desktop & also add/remove things from the sidebar.

If you want to add/remove apps to Dock

To add: Open application & simply drag n drop (to Dock) apps which you want to add.

To remove: Select app and drag it above half of the screen and drop. In this way, you can remove apps from Dock.

I hope you like this tutorial. Thumbs if you like and share if you love. Leave your thoughts below. I love to hear from you!

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