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iTunes Tutorial + Tips & Tricks

iTunes Tutorial + Tips & Tricks

iTunes Tutorial + Tips & Tricks

Hey, Today I’m gonna talk about iTunes. New update of iTunes & some tips & tricks.

  1. About iTunes: Open iTunes. To check installed iTunes version, go to iTunes & select About iTunes.
  2. iTunes Preferences: Go to iTunes & select Preferences (Command +,). Now, enter the name of the library. Now, go to When a CD is imported tab. If you have a huge collection of music CDs then this option is for you. So, select Import CD & Eject. It means when you insert CD and it will import all data to iTunes and when importing procedure will complete then CD will eject automatically. So, it’s a great option. Now, click on Import Setting & select Mp3 Encoder and select mp3 quality. Make sure quality increase size of mp3 is also increased. Now, check CD error correction option & ok. Check Automatically Retrieve Track Name From the Internet. Next, is Sharing, If you want to share your playlist with other computer or iPhone then this option is for you. Now, go to Device and check last option, because when someone uses your Mac to transfer files from Mac to his iPhone then it will prevent your data to sync with his iPhone. So, it’s very important for data safety. Last is Advanced. In this tag, you can customize your iTunes media folder path & to organized this folder. If you really like this iTunes version then please uncheck last option. Please make sure you check When adding to library copy files. Because when you import audio files to iTunes then iTunes make its own copy. So, please check this option and delete the original audio file to save your disk space. Now, click OK.

  1.  iTunes Menubar: There are 3 different options. You can open also customize and add other options. When you import CD then it will automatically categorize in Music, Tv shows, and Movies etc. If you want to add some other options then select Edit Menu & add. Now, Done!
  2. How to Add Audio files to iTunes: Select your audio file and simply Drag & Drop to iTunes. Now, delete original audio files.
  3. Modify menu bar icon: To modify menu bar icon & add other icons simply press command and drag. So, in this way user can adjust the position of menubar icons. To add other icons secondary click on the empty part of the menu bar and add whatever you want. If you want to remove icons then again secondary click on the empty part and select whatever you want to remove.
  4. Create a Playlist: There are 3 types to create a playlist.

1st is a simple playlist. For that, you have to go File, New, and select Playlist. Now, If you want to add some audio files then select audios and simply Drag n Drop in the playlist. You can see playlist in the left bar. Give it a name. If you want to burn a disk of this playlist then secondary click on the playlist and select 4th option Burn a Disk.

2nd is Genius Playlist. For that select any audio and go to File, New, and select Genius Playlist. So, it will automatically add 25 songs of that genre into it. By default, 25 songs will add. If you want to increase number songs then select Genius playlist on the left bar and change number of songs.

3rd is a Smart Playlist. For that, you have to go to File, New and select a Smart playlist. A new window will open. Enter the data as you want & hit ok. Songs will add in this playlist by your conditions. So, in this way, you can create a playlist.

7. Error while Importing data from CD: Sometimes you mark when you import audios to iTunes then artist name, artwork etc. will change automatically. Select the audio and Press command +I and a new window will open. Now, enter the correct info and hit OK. You can also add Artwork of album. To add artwork, Select Add Artwork & upload.

8. HotKeys: For Genius Playlist, You have to select any track & Press Option + Space. So, Genius Playlist will create automatically.

For Volume Up/Down, To increase/decrease the volume of the track simply press Command + Up to increase and Command + Down to decrease volume.

9. Airplay: If you have any Wireless Sound System at your home then you can Click on Airplay button to enable it and add a wireless device to Airplay. Now, you can play Music on the Wireless sound system.

10. Issues With Storage Space: If your Mac is out of storage space then you can play music by 2 different methods.

1st is you can play iTunes music on external hard drive or pen drive. For that, you have to copy your iTunes Media folder to Hard drive and quit iTunes. Once you copy files to hard drive then please delete files from iTunes folder. So, it will save storage space. Now, connect your external hard drive and open iTunes while pressing Option Key. The new dialogue box is open and Choose Library. Now, select the external hard drive and open iTunes Media folder which you copy from iTunes folder. Now, you can play music with external hard drive.

2nd is you can sync your iTunes Media folder to iCloud. So, it’s the same procedure copy iTunes Media files to iCloud and deletes files from iTunes folder. Now, you can play music through iCloud and also iPhone, iPad etc. For this procedure, you need more cloud space. iCloud provide 200GB space for only 4$ per month. So, in this way you can play iTunes music & also save your hard drive space.

11. Convert any audio: If you have a different type of audios then you can convert into mp3 by iTunes. So, it’s very simple procedure.

For that, you have to go to iTunes preferences and select Import setting. Now, select Mp3 Encoder and qualify of audio & OK. Now select audio and go to File, Convert & Create Mp3 Version. So, in this way you can convert any audio file to mp3 by iTunes.

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