HP Spectre Review – Full Review & Benchmarks

HP Spectre Review – Full Review & Benchmarks

HP Spectre Review

The top surface is made of aluminum with new HP logo on it. The new watermark of HP is in gold color which looks pretty amazing. The bottom surface is Carbon Fiber which is good but it doesn’t have flexibility like LG Gram. It is very easy to get internal parts. You have to remove rubber strips and a couple of screws. There is 8GB of RAM which is sorted on so you can’t replace it.

You will get 256GB SSD which is quite faster but if you want more than you can easily replace it. The hinges are very strong. The back portion is made of metal with gold finishes. The built quality is excellent. The display has some flex. The material is used to make this laptop is good but it shows fingerprints on it.hp spectre

The display 13.3-inch FHD IPS panel which is covered with gorilla glass. The display is bright and It is outdoor usable. The viewing angles are nice. The color accuracy is excellent so you can do color accurate work on it. I think they did an awesome job on display. At the top, there is 720p webcam which is decent.

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The ports selection is nice. On the right side, you will find three USB C ports. Two of them support thunder bolt 3. There are an audio jack and USB A which is the external cable.hp spectre

The inside surface is made of aluminum. The keyboard on this thing is nice. It has 1.3mm key travel. It has backlit and keys are very responsive. The layout of the keyboard is good & the typing experience is also good. I think this is the best keyboard I ever used in ultrabook.

The trackpad is decent. It has glass surface on it. The tracking is not so good. The buttons are good but it skips sometimes. To be honest, I don’t like this trackpad.

The speakers are decent and well positioned. The sound quality is good but it is not loud. The sound has some bass. The maximum volume is kind of low on this machine.

The cooling system of HP Spectre is unique. They use the hyperbaric cooling system on it which is new technology and it helps to get this thing properly cool. So, when you are doing light work like emails, video streaming, MS Office & web browsing it doesn’t put a load on CPU. It handles temperature very well.hp spectre

But when you are doing video editing and playing some demanding games then it may put a load on CPU and fans are running but when you play more than 15 mins the fans get louder. The low demeaning games hit 55fps on 1080p resolution and lowest graphics settings. The modern demanding games hit 40fps which are not so good for better gaming experience.

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The battery life of this HP Spectre is kind of low. It has a 38WHr battery and It gives 5 hours of regular usage which is very low for the ultrabook. You can use any of the 3 ports to charge this thing. It has a 45-watt adapter for charging.

This unit has very thin chassis. The display is awesome but it is not touch screen. The keyboard has backlit and very good key travel. It has comfortable to type. The trackpad isn’t so great. It skips sometimes while clicking. The speakers are well positioned but it not so good. The processor is 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-6500U.

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The GPU is Intel HD Graphics 520 which allows low depending games very well but when you play modern demanding games it loses some frames. The RAM is 8GB LPDDR3 which sorted on, you can’t replace it. It has 256GB SSD which is little faster and easily replaceable. It has a 38WHr battery and it gives 5 hours of regular usage. This HP Spectre costs you around $800.

In my opinion, I think HP did a fantastic job. I really like this ultrabook. I don’t like some of this features like battery life, speakers and trackpad otherwise this is the ultra portable and super thin ultrabook. If you want to do video editing on this then you should purchase Intel i7 model with faster drives. Otherwise, for regular usage and for a student this is a good choice. I think it is worth it!

That’s it for this review. I hope you will like it. Thumbs if you did and share if you love. Leave your thoughts below and tell me if you like HP Spectre or not? and you’re gonna purchase this or not? And if you purchase this then tell me which features you liked about it. I love to hear from you.

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