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How to Use Dictation on Mac

How to Use Dictation on Mac

Hello readers, In this article, I’m gonna talk about how you can use dictation on your Mac. When you are writing a message on your android phone. You notice some Mic type icon in your keypad. When you press it and speak, the message will type automatically. So, same things we can do on your Mac. That’s cool right?

So, 1st of all open system preferences. Then go to the keyboard and open last option.

how use dictation mac

Now, select your microphone & language. And make it ON & don’t forget to check Use Enhanced Dictation. Ok. Now you have to choose a shortcut key to enable through the keyboard.

All done!!!

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Follow the step-by-step video tutorial as well.

To check open your mail or notes. Press your shortcut key and speak. It will type automatically!

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