How to Write Effective Email Marketing Content

How to Write Effective Email Marketing Content

Have you ever thought of the thousands of subscribers that you get for a certain page, product or website and how to utilize their email ids in the best possible manner? The answer to this is to create the most effective email marketing content to strategically implement more product views, increase sales and exposure.

But what most of us want to know is that how to write effective email marketing content. That’s basically the hard part.

With over 5.6 billion active email accounts worldwide, email marketing strategy is the best shot. Why so may one ask?

  • It is cost effective.
  • It does not require any printing or postage costs
  • It helps to reach the target audience in a faster manner
  • It gives all information in a compact form
  • It is an efficient and effective way to reach the target audience.

But in order to be truly successful with effective email marketing, the most important factor that plays a huge role in it is the content. No matter how attractive or fancy your emailers are or how much money you send n “jazzing” it up if the content of the email is not appropriate, interesting and to the point, you will surely lose a lot of subscribers.

In order to not let that happen, we bring you a few tips on how to write effective email marketing content.

Tips and Tricks on writing the perfect email marketing content

To know what works best for your company to get more traffic, you need to create the content of the email keeping in mind the interest of the target audience rather than your own. Unless you understand how they want to visualize the email and keep yourself in their shoes, it is difficult to create the perfect content to drive some crowd in.

So, here are a few tips that should do the trick:

Focus on the Subject Line

The subject line is one of the most important components of the email that you send. Once that notification pops in their phone or system screens, people either swipe it away or click on it. And on what basis do they do that? The subject line only, right? So make sure once their eyes are set on the subject they cannot resist from opening the email and checking it out.

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Adding a Personalized Element

We often miss out on the fact that digital readings can get very boring as it is a one-way route. Most people are attracted to a bit of interaction. Subject lines with direct communication asking to buy the product or asking questions in the email body can actually help your audience stick to the read and go on further. There is a 26% higher chance of opening an email with a personalized subject line!

The K.I.S.S. Policy

Keep it Strong and Simple are the words you should go by like The Bible if you want to keep your audience’s attention intact. Emails tend to get boring even with lots of frills and fancies, colors and other dramatic effects. To want your audience to actually know about the product, you need to show them exactly what they want to see and cut out all the unnecessary details.

Highlight it

Nobody these days have the time to go through long, dragging paragraphs of emails no matter how informative they are. So in case, you want to grab their attention on the right things, make sure you use different fonts and colors to highlight the major points.

Clarity over Catchiness

Drawing attention is a good thing but keeping it consistent is not so easy. In order to make sure your reader continues to read till the last line, use ‘fun phrases’ and random highlights on the latter part of the body. Make a strong opening to get them going first!

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Benefits over Features

If you are going to buy a product today would you just want to know what all it contains, or would you like to know what all it offers? Most people these days have plenty of information about basic products, all thanks to the internet and social media. In order to pinch n people’s interests, you need to highlight “why do they need the product” a.k.a. its benefits rather than hovering over its great features!

Pre-headers to the Point

Aligning pre-headers to your main body and subject line is also very important as most people focus on that before reading through the entire email and that makes it your best shot to get hold of more customers.

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Call-to-Action Done Right

Be it landing pages or blogs, newsletters, etc. the CTA button should always be the focus in the email so that people are obligated to click on it for more.

ProofReading is a must

Did you know that grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are the biggest downers in the email marketing content strategies? Here is where proof-reading comes in! One ought to be clear about having an absolute ‘zero’ mistake policy as it cannot be compromised when we are talking about perfect email content.

These are a few tips and tricks to up your game on the email marketing content writing, along with a few perks!!

Lokesh Aryan

Founder & Content Creator at Lokesh Aryan Digital
Lokesh Aryan is Founder & Content Creator at Lokesh Aryan Digital. Currently, working as Freelance SEO & Content Writer. He likes writing, reading novels, playing cricket & volleyball. He loves music. He sings and play guitar too.

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  1. Hello Aryan,
    You have provided some excellent tips on email marketing, especially about the CTA button that you just talked about, I personally used to neglect it many times thinking it might be too much, but after reading your post I am going to use it anyway. Thank you so much for pointing out. Appreciate it.

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