How to Write a Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles in WordPress

How to Write a Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles in WordPress

How to Write a Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles in WordPress

WordPress is one of the biggest and renowned platforms for bloggers to post various content related to their field of interest. It is also a great form of digital marketing through which various products or businesses can be promoted.  Numerous companies utilize this to create thought-provoking and interesting articles on WordPress to promote their products. However, there goes a lot of work in incorporating certain search engine-friendly strategies to build better traffic for the articles. To get a clear idea on how to write a perfect SEO-Optimized Articles in WordPress, we need to first get a brief idea about what SEO means.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the mode of marketing which aims at increasing the visibility of businesses in organic or non-paid search engine results. It is a strategic way of wordplay and use of other technical and creative elements. It is usually done for increasing traffic, improving rankings and creating awareness in search engines. Designing engine-friendly websites are no doubt a difficult and complicated task but if you learn how to use certain terms and phrases, know how to build high-quality links, then you will slowly get the hang of it.

Usually, articles are written following certain rules to get viewed or ranked highest in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Use of the right keywords at the right places, writing up meta-descriptions, and many other such techniques to make your article search-engine friendly. In order to attract the right amount of organic traffic for your blog, certain steps need to be followed and we shall discuss that in the next section.

Know How to Write a Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles in WordPress

SEO-Optimized article writing can be a bit of a fuss as it involves a lot of technicalities in it. However, with practice, one might even become an expert in writing the perfect SEO-optimized articles in Word Press and its likes.

Let us find out how.

Streamlining & being crisp with the subject

Well, this isn’t quite a stealer deal as being crisp with the subject is the basics of content writing. Amateur bloggers need to find relevant and trending topics to start with, out of the box can be dealt with once we have our basics running strong.

Age group targeting with the context of what the subject is also a vital piece of homework which needs to be done meticulously. Beating around the bush might work with certain “only time users”, however, regulars would like straight to the point and dense articles!

Keyword Management

Well, this better be on the money buddy! After you are done choosing the title, the keyword is your baby. It may be something very simple & mundane but it has to be spaced, used and thrown at the correct places for the net to fish it up! If this is happening, then all the jazz and frills in your page are of very little use.

Using the keyword in line with the subject and punctuating your thoughts or view with it is going to be the deal breaker. You might want to vary it a little because every day Chinese is pretty boring! For readers, it would be a walk in the park, thanks to their wonderful vocabulary but then others can look up many toys on the web. Which help you create variations with the keyword and maybe sometimes drop in a phrase!

Rich & True Content

The problem with wishy-washy stuff is you might create the initial bottleneck traffic with a lot of cosmetic stuff, but then as soon as the reader is a paragraph down then the mouse is going to frantically look for the top right cross!

Content better be rich & meaty, no don’t put too much sauce on the steak but then make sure that is a healthy chunky cut. Plan out your piece, do a few trail/proof runs if needed and tooth-comb it all to the finest detail. Again, don’t over-do it with too much information. What we are looking for is neat, crisp and sweet, or back in the day, we used to call it KISS (Keep it short & Simple) Lengthy posts are often left unread or even sometimes skipped for something more specific and quick! Look if I need to dig my way through 3 pages for a monsoon vacation, then it’s not helping me at all. Use of bullet points, accentuating the crucial points at the end will fetch you brownies!

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Hah! Nope, I’m not bluffing it helps and it’s known as Post Meta Description. Scribble in a few words or phrases which might drag people. All we need is just that 1 click and then we are set. Also putting in content specific links in your blog is going to help you in the long run!

Well, easier said than done, now get that dusty notepad out and scribble away for your next post!


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