How to Start a Blog: 2018 Beginner’s Guide

How to Start a Blog: 2018 Beginner’s Guide

Hello, In this article, I’m gonna talk about how to start a blog. If you are beginner or new for this then this article will help you. I’m gonna cover all topics which you need to know before creating a website. How to purchase Domain & Web Hosting? How to connect/point domain to Web Hosting & install WordPress on Hosting Space? So, lets get started with basics.

How to Start a Blog: 2018 Beginner’s Guide

Important Things You Should Know before Creating Website/Blog:

Don’t use Free Website:

If you want to start “serious blogging” or just want to learn about web hosting, WordPress, Domain etc. then please don’t go with free website or blog. There many platforms out there which provide free blog set up like WordPress, Blogger, Wix etc. but they provide worst bandwidth, small space for data, bad themes & main things you will get free subdomain like & Google Adsense doesn’t approve subdomain website like this. It just not about the monetization but it’s about the learning, passion. So, its not gonna work until you use proper platforms & you can’t make money from it. So, in my opinion, you should purchase a decent web hosting and create your stunning website. I know Its kind of investment but If you want to learn something new and interesting which helps you to earn some money in near future then make money then you have to purchase.

From Where can I Purchase Domain & Web Hosting?

There are lots of domain registrar and web hosting providers are available on internet. But I’m recommending you only 2 providers GoDaddy & BlueHost. Because they both domain providers as well as hosting provers. So, you don’t have to purchase separate. And both are awesome, good service, best server speed, customer support & best deals. You can purchase your web hosting from any of them because they both give you web hosting & domain at affordable rates.

And make sure purchase domain & web hosting from same provider because If you purchase domain from GoDaddy & hosting from BlueHost then you have to point your domain name to web hosting. So, If you are new at this then in my opinion you should purchase both from the same provider.

Which Domain Should I Buy?

Please make sure If purchase .com or .in domain, technically It doesn’t make any difference. If you purchase .com then Google will not put your website on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Google ranking is totally depends upon your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. So, Don’t worry purchase domain whatever you like but in my opinion you should purchase .com because when you open any website in web browser then you just enter the name of site and Google will automatically suggest you .com domain. So, If you have .com domain then sometimes It may help you!

What Should I Take Care While Purchasing Web Hosting?

It is depend upon your website. For which purpose you are making this website like personal uses or industrial/university. Actually there are different types of Web Hosting but I’m gonna talk about only 3 types;

1st is Shared Web Hosting, in this web hosting, there are only one server and hosting provider makes different space partition like 10GB, 20GB etc. and they provide space as per your requirement. So, If you want to make website for personal uses then it’s a best option.

But If you want to make website for university/bank then you need Dedicated Web Hosting. In this web hosting, your server never get down but it is very costly. And you need a skilled IT staff for proper management.

3rd is Reseller Web Hosting, in this web hosting, If you are Web Developer and running a web hosting company then this is the best option for you. In this hosting, You will get a plan by hosting provider & you can make space partition as you want and sell it to your clients. So, Its a best idea and you will get bulk plan in best price.

Now, you are making blog/website for personal uses then you should go for shared web hosting. You have to choose from 2 different options Linux Web Hosting & Windows Web Hosting. Don’t worry I’m not going in to deep! But in my opinion, If you want to make simple website/blog then go for Linux Web Hosting because Linux server is very safe & secure. Hacking chances are very low in Linux Web Hosting.

Hosting Space is also important factor. How much space you need is very important. If you are making blog then 1GB is enough or eCommerce website 10GB-30GB is more then enough. But in future you can upgrade this space.

Bandwidth make sure you purchase Unlimited Bandwidth please don’t go with limited or 500MB something. Only prefer Unlimited Bandwidth. Otherwise If you select 500MB bandwidth then your site will face server traffic and cannot load faster.

Make sure you have to purchase MySQL Database with you web hosting. If you are making one website then you need 1 MySQL database. If you purchasing Hosting plan then make sure 1 Webmail included in your plan. Webmail means email which has your domain name like [email protected] So, its important to have a business email.

How to Purchase Domain & Web Hosting?

Once you know about blog/website & want to create it then 1st of all you need Web Hosting & Domain. So, lets get started. In this tutorial, I’m gonna use GoDaddy. I have best GoDaddy web hosting offer for you. Open the given link and you will get offers page. Now, select the offer which you like but in my opinion If you are making website for personal uses and only one website you need then choose Economy Plan. In this plan, you will get 1 website (means you can host only one website), unlimited bandwidth, 100GB hosting space & one Webmail. So, its a more then enough. So, choose plan and hit select. Now, enter Domain name whatever you like & select .com/.in etc. & hit Go.

If your domain is registered then you have choose another domain name. If you have your own purchased Domain then select I don’t want free Domain. Once you select your domain then click Add & Continue. New page will open. Select only Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel for 12 months & your selected domain for 1 year. Uncheck all other options like SSL certificate or private domain. Now, check your invoice, 99/- per month web hosting & free 1 year domain & make sure Promotional Code is added otherwise you can’t get this offer. Hit Proceed to Checkout. Now create a GoDaddy Account & fill Billing information. Make sure all information are correct. Select payment method and hit continue. New window will open & Its a all information about your purchase. Check properly & Place Your Order. You will get GoDaddy page with conformation of your purchase.

Now, click on My Products and you can see all you purchase is here. Now, open your Email which you enter to create GoDaddy account & conform your email & also get purchase mail by GoDaddy. So, in this way you can purchase your domain & web hosting.

How to Connect/Point Domain to Web Hosting? & How to install WordPress on Hosting space?

Login to your GoDaddy Account. Now go to My Products. Select Web Hosting & click on Manage. Select Setup & pick your domain. So, in this way you can connect domain to web hosting. Choose your data centre & Next. Create cPanel account & Next. If you want to create WordPress website then hit Yes & Finish otherwise it will setup your cPanel 1st and once it is setup then you can create a website. select No, not now & finish. Your account is ready Get Started. Now, you are at your cPanel. There are lots of option to create a website/blog.

In this article, we are making WordPress Website. So, select WordPress and Install this application. Now you can see new page is open. Select your domain & leave directory option. Accept licence agreement and select update to new version. Now create new user id/password for WordPress. Enter Admin email id. (for recover WordPress id/password) Enter your website title & tagline.

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Disable 2 step authentication, Enable Limit Login Attempt, Disable multi site & hit Install. Make sure please don’t touch other option which I couldn’t cover in this tutorial because its very sensitive process. Once all done then you will get your website address, support url & admin url. Now, you can see your website & customise as per you want. So, in this way you can install WordPress on your Hosting Space.

I hope you learn something new & get complete idea about Domain, Web Hosting etc.

Share if you like & If you have any questions then leave a comment.

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