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How to Set Up Hot Corners on Your Mac

How to Set Up Hot Corners on Your Mac

Hello, Today we will discuss, how to set up hot corners on your Mac. And I’ll also share a beautiful trick which helps you to use your Mac like a pro! So, without further due let’s get started.

How to Set Up Hot Corners on Your Mac

Basically, Hot Corners are the app which helps you to customize 4 corners of your screen by adding some tasks or shortcuts etc. So, it’s a great app and I loved it. So, I thought I should share this trick with you.

I customized my screen corners by providing them a tasks and shortcuts. When I move my cursor to the bottom left corner of the screen then It will show my desktop. And when I move my cursor to upper right corner, I’ll show the notification bar.

My Hot Corners Setting;

Upper right corner: Show Notification Bar

Upper left corner: Go to Sleep

Bottom right corner: Third Party App

Bottom left corner: Show Desktop

Please follow the step-by-step video tutorial;

So, To enable this, you have to open System Preferences. Now, select Mission Control. Now, select Hot Corners. Ok. now, you will get a new window that showing 4 corner options which are called Active Screen Corners. Ok, now select the corner which you want to add & select the action. Like in this video, I select bottom left corner and action is Desktop. Now, when I move my cursor to the bottom left corner then it will show my desktop. So, in this way you add more corners.

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