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How to Set Up Hot Corners on Your Mac

Hello, Today we will discuss, how to set up hot corners on your Mac. And I’ll also share a beautiful trick which helps you to use your Mac like a pro! So, without further due let’s get started.

How to Set Up Hot Corners on Your Mac

Basically, Hot Corners are the app which helps you to customize 4 corners of your screen by adding some tasks or shortcuts etc. So, it’s a great app and I loved it. So, I thought I should share this trick with you.

I customized my screen corners by providing them a tasks and shortcuts. When I move my cursor to the bottom left corner of the screen then It will show my desktop. And when I move my cursor to upper right corner, I’ll show the notification bar.

My Hot Corners Setting;

Upper right corner: Show Notification Bar

Upper left corner: Go to Sleep

Bottom right corner: Third Party App

Bottom left corner: Show Desktop

Please follow the step-by-step video tutorial;

So, To enable this, you have to open System Preferences. Now, select Mission Control. Now, select Hot Corners. Ok. now, you will get a new window that showing 4 corner options which are called Active Screen Corners. Ok, now select the corner which you want to add & select the action. Like in this video, I select bottom left corner and action is Desktop. Now, when I move my cursor to the bottom left corner then it will show my desktop. So, in this way you add more corners.

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