How to Set Up a Blog: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

How to Set Up a Blog: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Hello, once again I’m back with another amazing article. Today, I’m going to talk about how to set up a blog? I’ll cover each and every step which helps you to set up your own blog. If you are beginner then you should follow all the steps carefully and stick with this article till the end.

In my previous article, I covered installation of WordPress on your web hosting Space. For the new readers, WordPress is one of the best CMS which is Content Management System. Basically, WordPress provides a framework to create beautiful websites. All over the internet, there are more than 30% of websites created using WordPress. For more details, you can go through my previous article, how to start a blog.

Now, you have the link to your website. So, open your URL into a web browser. You can see your website looks simple because it’s default theme by WordPress. You can make it attractive by customizing it. For that, you have to login to your website backend. You can login to your backend by adding /wp-admin after your domain. Like and enter the credentials of your website. So, in this way you can log into the backend of your website. Now, you ready to set up your blog and customize it.

How to Set Up a Blog?

First of all, one major change you have to make because that decides your website has static homepage or blog page. For that, go to the Appearance and Customize. Now, go to the Homepage Settings and define your pages. If you choose Your Last Post then your last published article will come up first and it will automatically change whenever you publish a new article and if you choose a Static Page which means you have to make a homepage for your website and it will not change until you changed. So, this is important for any blog or static website.

Select Theme:

Once you logged in to WordPress backend 1st you need to do is select your website theme. But before selecting any theme for your website. There are many factors which you should consider while selecting any theme for your website/blog.

1st and most important factors is Responsive Theme which means you can access your website on any devices like mobile, tab and other mobile devices. Your theme should be responsive and it’s a ranking factor as well. So, if your website is not responsive then you never get the good ranking on SERP. 2nd is theme loads up time which means your theme has to be load speed. If it’s not properly page speed optimize then you can’t get high ranking on SERP. Because page speed is also a major ranking factor. So, you should consider these 2 factors while choosing any theme for your WordPress website or blog.

Now, Go to Appearance & select Theme. Now, there are lots of option of the theme please select whatever you like. Click on Add New for more options. In my opinion, If you want to link your website to Google Adsense then please select a simple theme. Because complex themes are not simply approved by Google Adsense. Once your website or blog approved by Google Adsense then you can add/change theme whatever you like. Select your theme & click Install & Activate it. Don’t worry, you can change it anytime. Now, go to your website tab & refresh the page. You can see your theme is installed on your website.

Customize Your Website:

Go to Appearance & select Customise. A different theme has their different customize options. 1st is Site Title. Add your site title, tagline, if you want to add a logo of your site select logo and upload it. You should also add favicon from last option. Select site icon and upload. Once all done hit Save & publish. Now, go to your site page & refresh it. There are different options like header image, background, Menus, Widgets etc. So, choose different option & customize your site as you want.


It’s very important for your site & also SEO perspective. Go to Settings and select Permalinks. Now, change common settings & select Post Name which means your page URL will be your post name. It means If anyone searches about your post then Google find your post easily If you choose Post Name otherwise it will not possible to find your post by Google. So, make sure, you are selecting permalinks as a Post Name & Save Changes.

Create Page:

There are 2 methods to create Page. 1st is Go to Pages & select Add New & 2nd is you can add a new category of your post and then add a category to menus. It’s a good idea instead of creating a new page. For that, you have to add a category, click on Posts & select Category & add a new category. Now go to Appearance and select Menus and select Category from the sidebar and select which you added. Select Add to Menus & Save Changes. So, in this way, you can add a new page.

Create Category:

If you want to write a post on different topics then you have to add particular Category & you can add your posts into the different categories. For that, you have to go to Posts & select Categories. Now, add the name of category, slug & Description & Add New Category. So, in this way you can add New Category.

Create Post:

To create a new post, go to Posts from the sidebar and select Add New. Now the 1st post is by default post If you want to remove it then select Trash option. Add Post title and Description, you can also Add Media and insert a link. But make sure please select Visual and then write a post. 2nd option is Text, it means you can add HTML coding to create a table, insert ads etc. You can also give different titles, paragraph, headings etc. for that you have to click on Paragraph & other options will show. Add this post to different categories, to add select checkbox & select Format, it means your post is standard, image, video, audio, chat etc. & add related tags. Set a Features Image of this post from last option. You can upload an image from there and don’t forget to insert Alt-Tag into your images.

Save Draft, Preview, Publish:

You can also save your post, to save click on Save Draft. Once your post is completed then you can preview your post before go live. You can also add Date, if you want to post an article on a different date then select Date. All done click on Publish & you can see your post on your site. If you want to delete your Post then click on Move to Trash.

How to Link Pages to Menus:

To create a new menu, go to Appearance & select Menus. Enter the name of menu & Create menu. Now select Manage Locations & choose Main Menu & select whatever you added & Save Changes. Again, go to Appearance & select Menus. Select Custom Links & add URL of the page which you want to link with Menus & add Menu name. Select Add To Menu and Save Changes. So, in this way you can link any page to Menus.


Basically, plugins are the piece of code that provide additional functionalities. Like if you want to add social media sharing buttons on the sidebar of your website then you can simply add those button without adding complex code. You just have to install and activate Social Warfare Plugin and this plugin will take care of everything. In WordPress, you have to install plugins to customize your website. There are different types of Plugins in WordPress. To add New Plugins, go to Plugins from your sidebar and select Add New. If you have plugins then you can directly upload to your site for that choose Upload Plugins. Search plugins and Install on your site & don’t forget to Activate.

Add/Remove Widgets:

To add/remove widgets go to Appearance & select Widgets. Now, you can remove widgets from your sidebar, to remove simply Drag and Drop to widgets. To add, again Drag a widget and drop it in the sidebar. Save it & refresh site page and you can see widget add to your sidebar.

So, in this way you can create your own stunning website on WordPress.

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