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How to Remove Virus From Mac

How to Remove Virus From Mac

Hello, once again I’m back with another interesting article. Today I’m going to talk about how to remove virus from Mac. Actually Mac OS is the very secure operating system. So, there are chances of getting infected by the virus are very low. But in some cases it is possible. So, without further due let’s discuss it.

How to Remove Virus From Mac

Sometimes, during web surfing and mostly porn and torrents websites and other unauthorized websites have different types of Malware & Adware. So, when you open those websites, those malware and adware insert into your web browser and system. Sometimes you see, when you open any website and it automatically redirect to spamy pages or advertisement pages. So, this types of virus called malware and adware. Don’t worry you can simply remove this malware or adware from your system.

You can also follow step-by-step video tutorial;

For that, you need Malwarebytes application. So, install the application and open it. Accept license agreement & insert your admin password to continue. Now, Tap on Scan. It will scan your whole Mac. Well, It will take some time. If you have any malware or adware on your Mac then it will show the list after completion of scanning process. Select all malware you found on your system and click on Remove selected items. You will get the message that thread was removed. Click OK.

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Now, open your Trash. So, you can see malware into your Trash that means malware have been removed. Now, select Empty Trash. Reboot your Mac and when it boot open your Trash & If you see some file still have into it then again Empty Trash and reboot your Mac.

All done! Have fun! Now, your Mac is completely secure and free form malware and adware. If you still have any issues then just let me know in the comments.

So, In this way, you can remove malware or adware from your Mac.

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