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How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2018 : YouTube SEO

How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2018 : YouTube SEO

Hey, Today’s article is about how to rank YouTube videos in 2018, you can also call it “YouTube SEO”. If you are a YouTuber or content creator on YouTube then this article helps you a lot. Sometimes you feel that like other creators, you made the same video but he got more views and likes compare to yours. Why? There are many factors but the main factor is SEO. You just created a video that nearly or almost same as them but you didn’t think about SEO. So, without further due, let’s dive into it.

How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2018

There are so many tools that allow you to check analytics or any YouTube video but my favorite is vidIQ Vision for YouTube which is a Chrome extension. By using vidIQ Vision for YouTube, you can check analytics of any YouTube video including video tags and social media engagement. Sounds cool?

Now, just think, you have everything to rule. Open any video and check their video tags and social media engagement. But make sure, do not try to copy video tags because this will not give you a higher ranking. Sometimes you watched same content videos but views and search ranking of both videos are different. In other words, YouTube has ranking algorithm too but it’s kind of different from Google search ranking algorithm.

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If you are making good content videos on YouTube, but still you don’t get more views then you should try this trick and get an idea about video tags because it’s very important to get better ranking.

how to rank youtube videos in 2018

1st of all, you must have Google Chrome Web Browser to get started. Once you download Google Chrome, install it and open Google Chrome. Search for vidIQ Vision for YouTube on Chrome web store. It is free for basic version but if you want more features then you have to upgrade it. Download & install vidIQ Vision for YouTube on Chrome.

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Once you install vidIQ, open YouTube and search for any video. You will see some changes and some important things added to videos and your dashboard. On the right sidebar, there are some menus. Click on Stats and It will give you all information for that video like views, likes, dislikes, video tags, estimated revenue, views per hour and much more. Next is Tags, It is the list of all tags which this video using and it also provides top searches rank next to it.

So, it will help you to get an idea about tags. You can learn about tags and you can use it for your videos to get good ranking on YouTube. You can also click on IQ button next to subscribe button to open vidIQ.

The next tab is Historical. It will give you information about your videos in chart form, so you can get a better idea about real-time views, Social engagement, views per hour and much more. You can also have the information about social media share, how many people share your video and where they share it.

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You can search any video on YouTube and get a rough idea of that video. If you are making good content but still you don’t get views then you should try this to grow your channel. You can check different keywords regarding your content and check which keywords help you to get more views. So, it will also help you for keywords research.

When you search for any video on YouTube, on the right sidebar you will see the keywords score, highest & Avg. views and the best part is it will also suggest the top search keywords related to your content & you can copy that suggested keywords to your video. Open Video Manager and you will see some changes. Click on IQ button and it will give some options like CSV Export, Mass Edit Videos & Mass Edit Cards & Annotations.

on page seo everything you need to know

Mass Edit Videos allows you to edit title & description of the video on a mass scale. Mass Edit Cards & Annotations allows you to edit cards & annotations of particular video on a mass scale. Now, click on IQ button again in each individual video will allow you to perform special tasks like feature this video, copy annotations, thumbnail editor and much more. You can set any video to feature video and also copy cards. You can also publish video on Facebook using Facebook Syndication. But for that, you have to upgrade your account to premium.

When you upload a new video, it allows some new tools like title, description & keywords limit, related keywords with top search tags, SEO analysis and much more. It has inbuilt thumbnail editor which allows you to create custom thumbnails for your video. So, overall it provides SEO framework for YouTube where you can add title, description, keywords etc.

So, this is the best SEO analysis tool for YouTube. You can use this tool, for keywords research, SEO analysis and social share and social analysis. If you are new to YouTube then definitely you should try vidIQ Vision free and if you find it helpful then only upgrade it otherwise free version provides almost everything you need to get started. I’m recommending it to everyone for better search ranking on YouTube.

I hope you like this will help. Thumbs if you like and share if you love. Leave your thoughts below and tell me which tool you are using for SEO of your YouTube videos.

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