How to Measure the Result of Content Marketing Strategies

How to Measure the Result of Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing might just be the new name on the block but then we might not be aware of its implications and not sure of how many of us understand its practical implementation and the degree to which it is successful and that is where how to measure the result of Content Marketing Strategies come into the picture. So, let us get started with the assumption that the reader is aware of this concept with a little backdrop on it.

How to Measure the Result of Content Marketing Strategies

Concept and Understanding

  • Content Marketing a strategic tool aimed at marketing the content you have online
  • There are devices and strategies to get you a head start. But what we are looking here is we want to generate more traffic on our content and cross the bar.
  • It might be unsustainable to measure the extent to which the marketing strategy is successful, so we will create an easy step by step guide on content marketing and weigh its effectiveness at the end of each step or method.
  • So, we have done is devising a tool or instrument to weigh the efficiency of the program in each of its steps, further referred to as tooth combing here-after.

The Strategy & Tool

  • Defining the objectives and having an understanding of why the firm needs it is the basics. If an awareness is created by this then the first step is done effectively and there couldn’t be a better tool to measure its success.
  • You-O-Logy

Coming to terms with your Unique-Selling-Point (USP) is something that needs to be done on an urgent basis and there-in underlies the process of selecting or coming to terms with that. What do you do better than other’s or how is your product unique? This has to be the heart and soul of the marketing program. Well if your traffic is going up on this then you can rest assured that it is working. The strategy worked and hence the market showed positive results.

Understanding your audience in today’s lingo E-World KYC is important as well. Some of the devised strategies will differ from various audiences and keynotes will vary as well. The tool to get this is monitoring internet traffic over various slots of the day and checking the results obtained. A student v/s salaried employee v/s businessman traffic will vary around the clock. So, if your content is not clocked with the target audience then some fine tuning may be required.

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Content Effectiveness is now approachable with the back-drop set-up. This deals with a lot of understanding of the basics, as to why your audience needs your content. What are you selling it in the first place? Viability at your consumer market is the question mark here, if you have a bold YES to all the questions above then how relevant is the strategy that you are using to market it? The concept may be relevant in the market but then you must be using tools which are new, easy to come across and your audience is aware off. A marginal increment in sales, call in’s or even increased listening time span to telemarketing calls is a positive marker for this tool. Content needs to be crisp and so does the marketing strategy.

A lot of content marketing plans go down the drain because of failed content amplification. The marker or tool for that is again a larger bandwidth of audience flocks towards your products or services. Rather a 1.8 % increment is good enough to meet the Capital Expenditure incurred for this strategy. Operational Costs here will not be affected at all since this isn’t any operation at all over here. After you break even or rise above a particular index you might want to re-structure your firm and also the marketing tools associated with it.

Looking Beyond

The summary of above-mentioned points will be a futile effort rather the reader could read and read to get a better understanding of the concept and the tidal concepts that ride underneath the main current. OPEX (Operational Expenditure) and CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) were dealt with much later into the subject as differentiating between various sects of product-oriented business and services providers would have caused an unrequired conflict of interest.

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Much to the effectiveness of the program the methods and tools of measuring or quantifying content marketing strategies were discussed at large with a lot of story building up form of narrative. Ideologies of niche product marketing may vary but the basic concept of marketing the present content is something the reader would want to come to terms with. Shorting stocks or hedge funding is similar in terms of outcome and not structure.

You could study the idea of hedge funding to realize how important it is to market your content and also measure how effective it is going to be in the long run. Predictability has always been the game of a learned few, let us now break the trend and make it accessible to everyone alike at much grass root levels. Measuring Results of content marketing strategies isn’t an easy job to do, but there is a learning curve to it and we need to start somewhere to get to where we want to.

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