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How to Measure Effectiveness of Social Media Campaign

How to Measure Effectiveness of Social Media Campaign

Today, I’ll discuss, how to measure effectiveness of social media campaign. Research suggests that there are over 2.46 billion social media users. It is highly likely that you are one among them. In fact, research suggests that teenagers spend approximately 30% of their time spend online on the various social networking sites.

Needless to say, if you want to promote your brand, products or services and reach out to the mass, you cannot ignore social media as a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal. However, creating a social media profile and maintaining an active presence is not what most social media strategists find overwhelming.

The real challenge is to determine which social media campaigns are working, which ones are not. And what steps need to be taken to improve the campaigns. If you are also wondering how to measure effectiveness of social media campaign, keep reading to garner valuable information.

Before talking about how you can measure fruitfulness of your social media campaign, it is crucial for you to determine the correct platform. Here are some factors to get you started.

  • Know the demographics of your audience as it plays an important role in choosing the right social media platform. For instance, studies suggest that LinkedIn is more popular among working professionals, whereas, Pinterest is the playground of the young.
  • Determine the type of content that you wish to post. For instance, images are best shared on Instagram and Pinterest. Videos can be promoted in Vimeo, YouTube, and Vine. If you want to write an engaging post, Twitter and Facebook are ideal.
  • Know what you want exactly. For instance, whether you want to simply make connections with your audience or become the authority in your niche, knowing what you want will help you in achieving your goals.

Social media campaigns are basically of two types – unpaid or organic social media efforts and paid ad campaigns. Given below are some of the metrics that will help you in measuring the success of your campaigns.

How to Measure Effectiveness of Social Media Campaign

Check Fan Engagement

The number of fans that your social media profile has can be a great measure of your marketing success. However, a much more accurate measure would be to know how many fans are interacting with your profile or page.

This is important because studies have revealed that fans who engage with a brand are generally interested in knowing more about the business and there is a high chance that they will buy your product.

User engagement refers to the number of times your post has been shared or liked by others and retweeted. Even the number of comments contributes towards determining user engagement.

Number of Clicks on Links

Link clicks are a critical metric for measuring the effectiveness of social campaigns as they represent the most relevant form of user engagement.

The number of clicks on a link refers to the audience being interested in knowing more. For instance, if you are making use of Facebook, you can find out the overall clicks on your posts at Facebook Insights.

Determine Traffic to Your Website

Sending traffic to your website is the fundamental objective of any social media campaign. So, you can check your statistics, via Google Analytics to find out how much traffic is being driven to your website through your social media platforms.

But, in order to ensure that this metric counts, you have to upgrade your website to be capable of handling truckloads of traffic. Also, there can be sudden spikes in traffic and for your website to be able to handle such fluctuations, you can consider cloud hosting. Cloud hosting comes with a lot of flexibility that will work seamlessly with your social campaigns.

Check Conversions

Getting truckloads of traffic is great news, but what’s the point if they’re useless to you. So, the next step is to check if your visitors are taking the next action that you want them to take – make a purchase, download a brochure, sign up for a contest, subscribe to a newsletter and so on. Irrespective of what your ultimate goal is, you have to check whether it is getting fulfilled.

In case your social media campaign is driving ample amount of traffic, but a majority of visitors are bouncing off of your website, your social campaign is definitely not a successful one and you have to put in more effort.

Number of Likes or Follows on Your Social Media Page

A huge number of ‘likes’ on your Facebook page or a large number of ‘followers’ on your Instagram and Twitter page are vital metrics to help you determine the efficaciousness of your social campaign.

In order to increase the number of likes or followers, you have to constantly work with your social media team to come up with intuitive, interactive and innovative ways to keep your social media users engaged.

So, social media is not some unmeasurable and vague platform for your online business. You can study the effectiveness of your campaigns and achieve your business objectives.

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