How to Get SEO Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency

How to Get SEO Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Today, I’ll talk about how to get SEO clients for your digital marketing agency. Digital marketing business is a competitive business for the clients too, but they too search for a way to get visibility in Google. It is very clear that from a multi-state company to the small business owner to benefit from SEO.

To be a perfect digital marketing agency must deliver two major things, such as;

  • Deliver great results to the clients
  • Generate new business continuously for the agency

These two formulas are simple for an outsider but too hard to execute it. For a new company getting into the competition is brutal and brands bring their position more in-house. When you deliver a good result for the clients, your retention is going to increase and get referral business. Focus on advertising and marketing of your agency and acquire new customers that help you in continuing the growth and make up for the possibility of client churn.

How to Get SEO Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Refer a client

Set an affiliate or referral program in a simple way by offering discounts in price to the clients who refer you, new clients. Otherwise, try something complicated like full-blown affiliated program with the certain ongoing commission who signups in your website successfully. When your agency provides good work to a client, they can refer your agency to their colleagues who want some SEO service.

Focus on SEO of your website

You have to be dedicated to your website first. It is important because when you employ SEO strategy for own company you can learn some invaluable lessons that can be carry forward to your clients too. You can generate new clients by getting ranked well on Google.

Many digital marketing agencies rank well nationally and forget about the local market. So, make sure to give more focus on local SEO too. If you can invest more time and resource in own SEO, definitely you can benefit in the coming years.

Connect with the targeted audience

Before you start to make a list of targeted audiences with keywords. When you search people, who want SEO help or look for SEO agencies they will not show their need exactly. The prospects of the client may ask more questions specifically that related to the particular aspect of SEO. So, before you start hunting client, it is great to sit and make a comprehensive keyword list. It must be related to the aspect of SEO you are specialized in. The list is like this:

Speaking at the events

As such industry is operating for the most part virtually. But when it about signing clients nothing replaces potential clients sees in you. You can speak at a relevant conference to reach the audience and find a pitch for yourself. You can find the network and links also that helps in building your digital marketing agency name. Moreover, you can foist it, hold the site clinics at such conferences. Your all actions are going to see the whole room and may be future clients also who can see how exactly you can help them when they sign up with you.

Use your competitors

Any of the SEO consultants worth their own salt will perform with competitor research in front of their clients at any time. Use this kill for doing own research before building your SEO new clients. It is a simple process:

  • Make shortlist of the nearest digital marketing companies who are your competitors. If there is not too many, conduct a search around local and in nearest major towns or the state capital.
  • Make the note of case studies that you found on their websites. The industry and business type they dominate?
  • Use your preferred keyword search tool, create the list of niches same as the case studies
  • Use that list to boost new Google searches, make a note of same local businesses where your clients can approach.

Create Free Tools

Many agencies and consultancies are doing this for years. So, if you have some free tools that people can use them is a way to drive some people to your website. When you offer SEO related tools prospective audience gets attracted, collect their information to follow up and let the people show a positive attitude towards your agency.

You can make use of many other tactics to attract new clients for your digital marketing agency in your own way.

Are you a small startup business owner? How to get SEO clients for your digital marketing agency? What kind of techniques are you going to use to make your agency attractive from others? Please share your experiences, tips, and suggestions in the below comments.

Lokesh Aryan

Founder & Content Creator at Lokesh Aryan Digital
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