How to Generate Quality Leads from Facebook Advertising

How to Generate Quality Leads from Facebook Advertising

Social media has emerged as an important marketing tool over the years. It not only serves as a platform for effective communication but also helps a business to improve their brand awareness in the global market. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the entire world. It is user-friendly, facilitates interaction and has a very wide base of users all around the world. These features have made Facebook one of the most potent platforms for generating quality leads for the companies.

More companies are utilizing the marketing features of Facebook to improve their sales and lead generation. If you want to increase your brand awareness, generate sales and sustain the existing lead,

find out how to get leads from Facebook.

Take a look at these following strategies that will help you generate quality leads.

Facebook page

The first step towards targeting quality lead is by creating a company’s Facebook page. Include all the necessary details like your basic contact details and a gist of your company to maximize the chance of generating leads. Make your Facebook page informative and light-hearted at the same time. A brand’s logo is its identity; don’t forget to add your company logo on the Facebook page. Put the image of your company logo as the page’s profile picture and do the same for all social accounts.

Contest and giveaways

A contest that gives away an attractive prize can attract quality leads and likes faster than anything else. Initiate a contest on Facebook and engage the attention of the audience through attractive giveaways that are directly or indirectly related to your business. This will not only promote your business but will also guarantee a flow of quality leads.

Build a strong community

Contests and giveaways are not very full-proof in generating leads regularly. In order to sustain and increase your quality leads, you need to build a strong community. Create and post quality content through engaging blog posts and interact with your audience frequently. Utilize viral trends in your favor by creating posts that earn you more likes and shares. Shareable content will not only generate you quality leads but will also help you sustain it.

Create interest forms

Most successful company websites have a feature that enables the lead to provide their details to the site for further information. You must be having one of such integrated forms on your website too. Take a cue from it and incorporate the feature in your Facebook page for the same purpose. Create a crisp and precise form for your page that doesn’t take much of the leads’ time. A dynamic form on your business page will enable the leads to stay alert and help you retain them.

Run a Campaign

Although running a campaign on Facebook is costly, it has its share of perks too. A crisp Facebook campaign can gain you quality leads faster than most strategies. Set a goal that you want to achieve before creating a campaign. Build a campaign that generates quality leads by reaching out to a wider audience and increases your sales. Make sure to have a better understanding of your target audience to ensure the success of your campaign. A thorough knowledge about your target audience will help you design your campaign better and will help you generate quality leads.

Promote Posts

As per a study, only 16% of the total followers are able to see significant posts of a page they have liked. There is a high possibility that you are missing out on a major chunk of your quality leads each day. Facebook has a cost-effective tool called the Promoted Post feature that can help you to maximize the reach of your posts. Quality content that has some relevance must be utilized to engage the target audience. Make the most of this Facebook feature by choosing the best of the lot to promote your business page.

Be creative

Creativity and smart work are what runs the show in this competitive era. No matter what strategy you choose, you will only succeed if you have enough creative juice to present the same old boring content in an exciting package. Be unique in your approach and rely on your out-of-the-box ideas to show you how to get leads from Facebook. Remember, creativity clicks!

Generating leads from Facebook is not very difficult. You need to be smart and careful while planning your strategies. The key to being successful in the market is by achieving a balance while utilizing all the strategies in a very systematic way. Do not rely solely on paid promotions; you need to maintain your other tools of promotion across various social media and on your website to obtain best results.


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