How to Find Influencers for your Brand

How to Find Influencers for your Brand

There has been a humungous growth in the popularity of social media influencers in the past three-four years and it is only growing with every passing hour. Influencers are loved by everyone but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every influencer is right for the promotion of your brand. Social conversations and online content sure have a huge impact on what people choose to buy and hence choosing the right influencer are crucial.

But, who really is an influencer?

In this era of technological advancement, influencer marketing is a game changer. An influencer could be anyone who has a substantial following on social media platforms. While some could be famous for being models and celebrities, the other micro-influencers create the fan base from certain niches. These micro-influencers can have anywhere between a few thousand followers to millions of followers.

As they operate in a specified industry, their follower base tends to be more engaged, relevant and genuine. The idea of partnering with popular bloggers and active users of social media platforms is referred to as influencer marketing. To promote your brand, you need to search for influencers in your niche so as to create engaging content and share it in a transparent way.

If you are absolutely clueless about how to find influencers for your brand, you have come to the right place.

Mentioned below are a few aspects that you need to look at when searching for influencers for your brand.


Engagement indicates how interactive the creator’s audience is with the content. Are the readers commenting, responding and sharing? How many readers are returning? The percentage of users who engage with the creator and how often they return shows how meaningful the association is.


Before you consider the static metrics, it’s essential to judge how aligned the influencer’s content is with your brand. The best way to do so is going through the archived posts of the blogger to get a fair idea of the type of consumer they are.

Decide whether you are looking for fashionistas, travel bloggers, coffee drinkers, food bloggers or perhaps permissive mothers. These are crucial things that you need to look into the audience and content of the influencer. These aspects are far more significant than just the traffic.


Reach might not be one of the most important metrics but is unquestionably a valid consideration. But, as a marketer, you should resist the desire to only consider unique visitors as an estimate for reach. Followers and traffic only make sense to the extent that the blogger is reaching the potential customers. For example, let’s say that you are a hotel chain. In this case, a travel influencer who has a smaller reach would be more influential than a fashionista or a food blogger with thousands of followers.

Also, the social media platform is an important consideration. If you are a fashion brand, someone with a substantial following on Instagram or perhaps Pinterest would sure be more valuable than someone with a huge fan base on Facebook.


This may sound weird but often bloggers who choose lesser sponsored content tend to appear more authentic and are more trusted. Personal stories on Instagram which consists of genuine mention of a particular service or product or perhaps a brand is more trusted as compared to product reviews. Engaging stories are shared more and commented on.

Instead of asking influencers to write a nice long blog post reviewing your product, ask them to present your product or service to the audience in a creative way. For instance, hotel chains could sponsor the influencer’s stay and ask them to create stories which would attract people and turn viewers to potential customers. This kind of content is usually rather engaging, authentic and connects the brand to a very large audience.


There is a direct relationship between how frequently the blogger posts on their social media platform, their traffic and the percentage of return visitors. As is common with all other types of marketing, multiple exposures are required to actually get the visitor to check your website. Not to forget that you want them to come back.

When an influencer posts excellent quality content consistently, there is a higher chance that the readers would return, share or bookmark. On the other hand, inconsistent bloggers tend to have fewer visitor returns, a higher rate of turnover and less loyalty.

Regardless of what your niche might be, you can easily find bloggers these days to create authentic and quality content for your brand which their readers expect. Also, you must not forget that these influencers are more than just simply bloggers. Anyone in your niche with a loyal following on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms would be perfect for the promotion of your brand. By keeping the above pointers in mind, you would surely be able to find suitable influencers for your brand.

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