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How to Enable the Three Finger Drag on Mac

Hello, Once again I’m back with another amazing trick. Today I’m gonna show you how to enable 3 finger drag on your Mac.

How to Enable the Three Finger Drag on Mac

Because if you want to drag anything like any window or app you have to use your both hands which is kind of annoying while writing or typing anything on your Mac. So, if you are a writer or Pro User like me then you should use this trick and after that you can just simply drag anything like windows or app with your 3 fingers from the trackpad. Sounds cool! Right?

Follow step-by-step video guide;

1st of all open your System Preferences & go to Accessibility. Now select Mouse & Trackpad. When the new window opens select Trackpad Options. A new popup menu will open. You can adjust your scrolling speed.

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1st is Scrolling. Check this box & select With Inertia.

2nd is Enable Dragging. Check this box & select Three Finger Drag.

All done! Have fun! It just simple.

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So, now you can drag any app with your 3 fingers. So, in this way you can enable 3 finger drag on your Mac.

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