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How to Download Free Fonts For Mac

How to Download Free Fonts For Mac

Hello, Today I’m gonna talk about how to download free fonts for Mac. This article is for both Mac/PC users. There are lots of websites for download free fonts. But some websites are not good, when you click on it, it will open 2-3 tab at a time and other advertisements & so on. So, please don’t use those websites to download fonts.

How to Download Free Fonts For Mac

You can use this website, which I personally prefer & there are no issues of malware and safe to download. So, you can download fonts from Font Squirrel.

Follow Step-by-Step video tutorial;

There are thousands of fonts available on Font Squirrel and all are free to use. Before downloading any font from Font Squirrel one thing you should keep in mind, these fonts are free to use for only personal usage but if you are using this fonts for any commercial purpose then you can’t just download it and use it on your website or blog. You have to ask or take a permission of the artist or creator of the particular font. For that, you might pay some charges but it’s a legal process and if you use any font on your website without having any permission from the creator then you might get copyrights issues and Google penalty. So, just keep in mind while using these fonts.

Now, go to download tab on the website and select Local only. Select whatever you like, all fonts are free. Don’t worry you can use it for personal use. Select the font you like. But there are 2 different types of files (TTF/OTF). But both are almost equal, but in my opinion, OTF is best extensions for fonts. Go ahead and download the font file. It’s in .zip format. Now, extract it and open the file. Now, select the font and double click on it. Click on install.

And boom!

In this way, you can download free fonts for Mac.

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