How to do Conversion Rate Optimization

How to do Conversion Rate Optimization

Want to convert your passive users into active ones? Do not have an idea about what conversion rates are? Then, you are at the right spot because we are here to help you out with all details about conversion rates and how to do conversion rate optimization.

Most newly developed website owners are in the fear of taking risks related to conversion rates as it is considered to be a very unpredictable area of work. That is why knowing and understanding adeptly what conversion rates mean and then, using the best practices to optimize conversion rates is highly required.

What is the conversion rate?

Since the beginning of this article, we have been using this term “conversion rate”. But for laymen, what does it really mean? Conversion rates are dependent on your website traffic and how many of these users really fulfill a goal when they visit your website. It is basically given by –

Number of goals completed by user ÷ Website traffic

The completion of a goal is determined as the ‘conversion’ in this case. Conversions can be of two types –

  • Macro- conversion (eg. Purchasing a product or subscribing to a service and so on)
  • Micro-conversion (eg. Registering with email id or adding a product to your cart, etc.)

What do we mean by conversion rate optimization?

From the brief understanding of conversion rates, we can make a guess what conversion rate optimization can mean. In properly defined terms, conversion rate optimization or CRO means the process by which the percentage or rate of activities fulfilled or completed by a particular website’s traffic is systematically increased.

CRO is a very important part of your business analysis and assessment mainly for the following reasons:

  1. It keeps track of your traffic and keeps them engaged more than a limited period of time
  2. It helps in increasing your rate of investment
  3. It is cost effective
  4. It helps increase subscribers and understand the product popularity rather than simply adding to the traffic

The process of Conversion Rate Optimization

The basic understanding of CRO is extremely necessary if you are skeptical about planning changes to your website.

Before that can be done we give you some of the best and fool-proof practices in how to do conversion rate optimization as follows:

Follow few essential rules for your Call To Action Button

-Use a bold color that pops out. It is not always necessary to use red or green colors. Using contrasting color that gets highlighted in your website as a CTA button is important

-Make sure it is a button and not merely a text link

-Placing your CTA button above-the-fold increases chances of conversion to a much higher rate

-The CTA button should tell your audience what is coming in the next step rather than using the boring ‘sign up’ tags

Make it Brief

Filling up forms which consist of more than 5 blanks can be really exhausting and unnecessary for users. Only ask for relevant information and try to keep the number of fields to a minimum of 4. This actually helps to excite the user during registration.

Improve the Visuals

-Ever heard of banner blindness? Well, things like automatic image sliders or image carousals might make you feel that they will help in increasing your conversion rates but instead they actually affect your website negative and create banner blindness by breaking the user’s concentration. Using solid static pictures are a much better choice instead.

-Imagine how you would react to a website which displays a picture of the founder or the employees in comparison to stock photos. Yes, that is right. Real life pictures attract to us much more than cheesy elements on websites. They seem to be more interactive.

-Videos can also go a long way in the improvement of conversion rates.

Additions to the Landing Page

The landing page of any website is the most essential part when it comes to retaining traffic. Once a user has registered, the aim is to wow them with your landing page and keep them hooked. In order to do that certain things are especially important such as:

  • Make a brilliant and catchy headline
  • Display your contacts in bold
  • Limited period offers, or incentives are a must.
  • Highlighting discounts of “free” offers
  • Include live chat
  • Display your USP in all pages (not just the landing page)

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Show off the Value of your Website

Be it through a unique value proposition or low-price guarantee tags or your badges of honor, awards or testimonials, you need to make sure that your website displays credibility and strength in its uniqueness and genuineness.

If as a business, you can successfully convert your website by following the above few principles and practices, rest assured your business prospects are bound to rise and conversion rate 100% optimized.


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