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How To Create Your Own Customized Short URL for Your Website

How To Create Your Own Customized Short URL for Your Website

How To Create Short URL for Website

You might see some brands use customized short URLs for their blog or website. These short URLs are easy to remember and strengthen your brand recognition among users. You can also create short URL for website or blog. Like Apple, If you copy any URL from Apple’s website and try to short it via bit.ly or some other custom URL shortener then you will see shorted URL;


So, stick with this article and I’ll show you how to create short URL for website.

Why Should You Use a Branded Customized Short URL in WordPress?

You may have noticed popular websites like Google, TechCrunch, Apple, Twitter, Facebook use branded short URLs on social media. The Google uses goo.gl, TechCrunch uses tcrn.ch, and as I mentioned Apple uses apple.co domain name for shorter customized URLs.

These type of domains are called domain hacks. Most of the websites on internet use .com domain, this is a good way to create a short URL for your WordPress site. There are so many advantages of short URL like it improves your brand value and the most important thing is when you use these branded short URLs on your social media then it increases the number of engagements with your users or blog readers. You can easily share URLs on social media like Twitter because Twitter only allows 280 characters in a tweet. Most importantly, you can easily track these URLs to see how many clicks you got when you shared a URL on social media or anywhere else. So, it is very helpful to grow your business and improve your brand value. So, let’s get started and learn how to create your own branded customized short URLs in WordPress.

Did You Purchase Short Domain Name Yet?

1st of all you have to understand what is primary domain and short domain, before purchase a short domain. Like if we talk about Apple then apple.com is primary domain & apple.co is the short domain. So, if you have the primary domain name for your blog then you have to purchase another domain called short domain for your blog which should have your brand name. This means you will need to register a new domain name that is much shorter than your current domain.

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There are so many free domain name generators out there so you can generate your domain name from there. Many free domain name generators that allow you to automatically generate domain name suggestions. NameMesh is the website which allows you to generate your short URL. Enter your primary URL and Generate. You will see so many options and go to the Short section to get short domain name suggestions. Select one of them and you can register it on GoDaddy or Bluehost or Namecheap.

create short url for website

How to Setup Short Domain?

There is a service called Bitly which allows you to short your URLs and track your shortened URLs. You can use it to shorten your URLs and you can manage it. Bitly is completely free to create an account on Bitly and get started. create short url for websiteOnce you create an account on Bitly, go to the settings menu & select Advanced Settings – Branded Short Domains and then add your custom short domain.

create short url for websitecreate short url for website


How to Set DNS A Record to Point to Bit.ly?

Login to your domain registrar’s panel and go to the DNS records. Now, add the IP Addresses which you copied from Bitly as A records under DNS.

create short url for websiteAfter adding DNS records, go to Bitly and click on the Verify button. If you see any error, then try again after some time.


How to Set up Branded Customized Short URL on WordPress?

I really like short URLs because it is very easy to remember and you can easily share on your social media.The best part about using Bitly is that you can easily manage, share, and track your short URLs directly from your WordPress website.

create short url for website

For that, you have to install the WP Bitly plugin. After activating this plugin, you have to go to Settings – Writing page and scroll down to the ‘WP Bitly Options’ section. Now you have to configure the plugin settings and connect Bitly to your WordPress website.

create short url for website

Once again login to your Bitly account and click on Settings – Advanced Settings.create short url for website create short url for websiteAt the bottom of the menu, you will see a link to OAuth apps.

create short url for websiteThis will take you to a new page where you need to provide your Bitly password and then click on the Generate button.

create short url for website


Bitly will now generate an access token for you. You need to copy and paste it into the plugin’s settings page on your WordPress website. Now save changes and you’re done!

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The plugin will now start generating your custom branded short URLs. You can see them by visiting your Bitly dashboard. You can track your URLs from Bitly. And of course, you can also check the particular post stats while editing any posts on your WordPress dashboard from WP Bitly plugin like how many times the short URL is clicked and from which website. That’s cool! Isn’t it?create short url for website

I hope you like this tutorial. Thumbs if you did and share if you love. Leave your thoughts below on short URLs like if you have your own branded URL & how it helps you to promote your business?

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