How to Create Facebook Messenger Widget for Website

How to Create Facebook Messenger Widget for Website

Hello, Today I’m going to talk about how to create Facebook Messenger Widget for website. This is a very simple procedure, you don’t need to code for that.

Facebook Messenger is now everywhere and if you want to put your business online, this will help you to get success. Facebook Messenger has more than a billion monthly users. So, if you want to stay connected with your readers or customers then Facebook Messenger is the best option. For that, you have to implement Facebook Messenger Chat Widget on your website to get a response from the customers of your products or services you provide. Your future customers can easily get in touch with you. Without any further due, let’s dive into it.

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When you apply this widget on your website, visitors can easily send you a message on your Facebook Page. The best part of this widget is it doesn’t cover more space on your website like other widgets, it needs only a space button! It is a Facebook Messenger button which is placed in the lower right corner of your web page. When you click on it, a window will open and you can write your message and send it. It’s so easy!

How to Create Facebook Messenger Widget for Website

It’s very simple to create facebook messenger chat widget for the website. All you need to do is copy & paste Facebook Messenger Chat Widget JavaScript in your website. This JavaScript is compatible with Blogger and WordPress. So, if you have a website from these platforms then you can implement Facebook Messenger Chat Widget on your website. But make sure before inserting this JavaScript in your website, copy it to any text editor and replace Lokesh Aryan’s Blog Facebook Page link to your Facebook Page link!

You can purchase Facebook Messenger Chat Widget JavaScript from the shop section of my blog! Use MSSEO20 promo code to get 20% off.

How to Insert JavaScript on WordPress?

Login to your WordPress website backend. Go to Widgets under Appearance. Select Text Widget and drag it someplace where you like but don’t worry it doesn’t cover more space on your website. Tap Text and now paste the JavaScript. Save Changes and boom!

embed facebook messenger widget


Refresh browser by Pressing Ctrl+F5 and you will notice at the lower right corner Facebook Messenger button. When anyone goes there and send you a message, it will directly go to your Facebook Page Inbox. If you replied then it will appear on Facebook Messenger app on their smartphone. Or use can use Insert Headers and Footers plugin to insert JavaScript code into WordPress.

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The best part about this Widget is, your visitors also like your Facebook Page so you don’t need to implement any Facebook Page Widget to get likes from your visitors. So, it’s very important and very useful Widget to stay connected with your visitors.

That’s it for this article, I hope you like it. If you did then thumbs up and share with your friends. Leave your comments below and tell me it’s working for your website or not? and if you having any issues then comment below.

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