How to Build Email List with Facebook Marketing

How to Build Email List with Facebook Marketing

Today, I’ll talk about how to build email list with Facebook marketing. In today’s world, digital marketing is a huge opportunity for most companies in building their brand through marketing and promotional activities using various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

One such social networking platform is Facebook which holds incredible potential for building a brand for any company/product and spreading it across like wildfire. With over 2.2 billion monthly active users, increasing by 13% every year, Facebook marketing is seemingly the most ideal form of marketing when it comes to digital media.

People on day-to-day basis share millions of posts on Facebook, out of which businesses are the ones which face a huge amount of competition. Your post may even be unnoticed. That is where Facebook Ads and marketing comes in. In order to know how to build email list with Facebook Marketing, in this article we share with you a few ideas which might help you get your subscribers up.

So, let’s begin!

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All about Facebook Marketing

One cannot deny that Facebook is reigning in the world of social networking websites and apps. It is the best place, therefore, for any marketing agency or business to promote their required products.

We can define Facebook Marketing as simply utilizing the platform of Facebook to promote a certain product and carry out other marketing activities such as posting content, advertisements, creating games, apps and other fun contests and questionnaires.

As most of the potential and target audience for companies are Facebook users, it is very difficult for any businesses to ignore Facebook when building their marketing strategies.

Types of Facebook Marketing

Marketing through Facebook can be done in various ways. The pages that you like, the feeds that you come across in your timeline, the fun and games you sometimes opt to play, all are a part of Facebook Marketing. Some of the ways in which Facebook Marketing can be done are as follows:

Creating a Facebook Business Page

This is the first step to your marketing campaign through Facebook. Building a business page on Facebook can help you release new and creative information and keep the audiences updated about new product launches, events being held, achievements of the company, etc.

Be regular on the Facebook Page

Do not make your business page personal. Stick to the point and keep your audience engaged by posting videos, interesting facts and more about your products which might attract more audience.

Make some Initial Investment

Once your business starts gaining popularity through likes and shares, you can attempt to make some investment by paying for your posts to highlight them and promote it to further audiences. This is one way you can increase and add to your email list through Facebook Marketing. By paying a minimal amount, your posts and content will reach more audiences and therefore, create a better scope for the company and its products.

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Run an Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad Campaigns are usually one of the most successful ways of building a brand for your business. Ad Campaigns are a way of attempting to reach the more critical audiences that you need for your business.

Through the ‘Advanced Settings’ option, you can select your desired audiences based on their behavior and other traits. While you make a very minimum investment, through your Ad campaigns you can also earn money. So, there’s a return on your investment and it is cost-effective as well.

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Know about your ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) Buttons

Creating an impactful CTA button is important if you do not want to miss out on selling a product. By giving the audience a chance to dive in and get more knowledge about a product they are interested in, you also increase your sales opportunity. Therefore, make sure to create a ‘know more’ or ‘buy here’ link as a CTA.

Now that we have a few ways in which we can start our marketing agendas with full gear and add some subscribers to our pages, let us look into the ways in which we can increase our target audiences’ presence.

How to Build Email List with Facebook Marketing

  1. Most people get attracted in Facebook Videos and Vlogs which have a “How to” attached. One can take this opportunity and include a sign-up page right before viewing the videos which help add to your mailing list.
  2. Creating a ‘squeeze in’ or ‘landing page’ to attract and utilize your Facebook traffic rather than taking them to the home page.
  3. Add discount coupons or other such deals for first sign-ups which tempt more audience to join and in turn gives you additional mail ids through registrations.
  4. When landing pages do not work, your alternative is to give an ‘opt-in’ for your audiences, such as putting up blog posts and videos about ‘how to’ and then, at the bottom of the article add an option to buy the product related to the ‘how to’ videos.
  5. Engaging contents such as arranging webinars and other such online events which becomes an interactive platform can be very resourceful. Most users are interested in such forms of interactions and will sign in these forums, especially if the seats are limited and registrations are free. In this way, you give the audience an interesting opportunity while benefiting from it yourself.

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With these few ideas to attract more subscribers and thereby, gathering more email ids, Facebook marketing can become an even greater success story for all your businesses. Do not forget – if you can make it through Facebook Marketing, you can make it anywhere in this competitive world!


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