How to Build Content Marketing Strategy for SEO Growth

How to Build Content Marketing Strategy for SEO Growth

Strategizing the idea of how to market a content has been the most current approach of dealing with marketing rather than the form of traditional marketing. And one of the best ways how people are doing it nowadays is by targeting the growth in Search Engine Optimized Contents.

But before we even raise further questions on how to build content marketing strategy for SEO Growth, let us first understand the basics that are – content marketing and SEO

Defining Content Marketing and Understanding the idea of SEO

Content marketing can be defined as one of the strategic tools of marketing which involves the creation of relevant and valuable content and distribution of the same with the aim of driving in a specific set of audience for a specific product or company or market.

It is quite understandable from the definition that it mostly involves writing or creating a certain content (through blogs, articles, web pages, etc.) and that content reaching to a set of the target audience which can further connect them to a specific product or company. This means somewhere there is the involvement of searching for a certain “product” on the internet. Herein comes the concept of a Search Optimization Tool or SEO.

The only thing relevant at this point to know about SEO is that it is one of the ways of content marketing strategies and it involves the process of how when we search something on Google or Yahoo or Bing or any other search engine, we are displayed a specific set of results.

These results are processed as an outcome of an algorithm which works in the form of detecting keywords and other such important factors in a particular article and ranks those sets of web pages and articles or blogs and displays them on the search page.

What you need to understand here is that most often writers focus on “keywords” to reach their SEO growth. But that may not always prove to be very helpful always.

This is where we come in and we bring you some of the ways to build the content marketing strategies in order to create growth for SEO.

How to Build Content Marketing Strategy for SEO Growth

Before we jump into the strategies, let us first understand some of the drawbacks:
  • Depending and focusing solely on keywords for SEO Growth is not effective to reach the target audience
  • It leads to the creation of content which diverts from the real background of the brand
  • It may also mislead the audience and attract the wrong traffic

From the above drawbacks, we can convey that what is really important is to build your content around audience-centric ideas rather than focusing on keyword driven audiences.

Some questions that you may need to follow before you start with this are:
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are their needs and lookouts?
  • What type of content might be valuable for them and attract them to the specific brand?
  • Which type of medium are they currently using – social media, blogs, newsletters, or offline?
  • What relevant information and unique offers does your brand provide?
  • How can the brands feature and expertise align with the specific needs and help the customer?

Some Major Points to Keep in Mind

To ultimately make your goals achievable on how to build content marketing strategy for SEO Growth, you need to follow these basic structural points that will benefit you in later stages:

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Finding the ‘Content Tilt’

By content tilt, we mean a unique angle of content where the audience’s pain points intersect with the brand’s know-how.

Start with the end

How do you do this? By identifying and setting specific goals aligned with your brand and the customer’s needs

Interact with your team

Sometimes too many cooks do not spoil the broth. This is where you channelize the basic requirements of your target audience and understand what exactly to generate for them. Producing the right content with the most effective means of driving the audience to the CTA buttons is what’s important.

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Determine your brand’s potential

Sometimes even you may not even know what your brand is capable of. So, dig deep and find out what is that one Unique Selling Point of your brand that is exclusive to you and will get the audience run to it.

Truly strategizing your content

Knowing what’s important is necessary. But knowing what is not important is another key to holding your true brand’s identity. Also, significant is getting the exact knowledge and listing out the key ingredients before forming your content.

Focus on Keywords

As we said in the beginning you are ought to not overdo it. But you definitely conduct a good research for the most strategic keywords. Also, create an editorial calendar based on your researches to keep a tab of what is working and what is not.

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Focus on Success and Start Writing!!

Yes, because once your goals are aligned, success is your ultimate goal and what is going to reach you to your SEO Growth is to start writing the right content.

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