How to Build a Mailing List from Scratch

How to Build a Mailing List from Scratch

Getting new leads is very important for a business but retaining the existing ones is also very crucial. Retaining the old leads not only has a positive influence on your business goals but also increases your revenue. In order to retain your old leads, develop strategies to build an e-mail list that will help you to connect with your customers easily.

Follow these below-mentioned tips and learn how to build a mailing list from scratch;

Customized Call-To-Action

A personalized CTA earns more response than an ordinary CTA and has the potential to double the number of your email subscribers. The quality of your content is crucial here, the visitors will respond to the CTA only if they find your content enticing and helpful. Make your newsletters and e-books informative; this will not only enhance its value to the visitors but will also entice them to subscribe to it.


Not all the pop-ups have to be annoying; they can be relevant too. Incorporate timed pop-ups that appear, when the visitor has stayed on the page for a certain amount of time or when they are exiting the page. You can also use the scroll pop-ups, which could appear when the visitor scrolls down to a certain extent on the page. Try keeping the pop-ups away from the sales page, it may interrupt the process. Add meaning and importance to the pop-ups, to prevent it from turning obtrusive or interruptive.

Pop-up survey

The Pop-up surveys are becoming a popular tool for gauging the interest of the visitors and for growing your e-mail list. Keep your form short and simple, if you want active participation from the visitors. Let the survey appear after a visitor has been on the page for at least 10-15 seconds. This will enable the visitors to gauge the value of the content, which will get them to register their email address.

Words for CTA

Keep the language in the Call-to-action humorous and thought-provoking to increase your chance of earning clicks. Use relevant words that are catchy and define the value that the visitors will get in exchange for their email address. Try not to use extremely plain words like ‘download’, ‘subscribe’, ‘download newsletter’, etc. Make them believe that you are going to offer them something unique and important via email, nobody likes to be spammed.

Use social media

The social media is a potent tool for marketing; use it effectively to create a list of email subscribers too. Convert your loyal followers and fans from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account into an email list. Provide them with detailed information about your company by pitching your company’s newsletter on social media accounts. If you are not very keen on pitching it on your social media accounts, you can link it in your email signature that will lead them directly to the newsletter.

More landing pages

As per research, when a company increases their number of landing pages their percentage of the leads increase too. The increase in the number of customized landing pages enables you to attract a wider demographic, where each group is looking for something different. Design the landing pages in such a manner that it caters to the needs of the different groups and encourages them to sign up immediately.

Encourage signing up

Place your customized CTA on the spots that encourage the visitors to sign up immediately. Mirror your newsletter’s purpose to write a CTA that gives an insight to what is in there and encourages immediate sign-ups.

CTA details

The ‘About Us’ page is one of the most crucial pages of a website due to its ability of potential conversion. A visitor who doesn’t care about a business will not open the company’s ‘About Us’ page; in fact, it is mostly frequented by someone, who has an interest in the business. Add a CTA in the page to encourage the visitors to sign up for the newsletters. It may not lead to an immediate transaction, but it will help you to retain your potential customers.

Scroll box

The call-to-action box works well when it attracts the potential visitors to take an action.  To be able to figure out the timing and the placement of the CTA, conduct an A/B testing. Decide according to the test results which placement leads to a higher conversion. Design the scroll box as per the content of your page and your viewers; keep it subtle and informative to aid the visitors, who are prepared to make a decision.

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Building an email list may seem impossible for a new venture, but plan your strategies well and you shall be able to get the taste of success in due time. Always be aware of the latest marketing tools that will help you gain and retain leads for the success of your venture.

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