How to boost a Post on Facebook Effectively

How to boost a Post on Facebook Effectively

In 2014, Facebook took a strong decision which hit many small businesses in a deep trouble. It decided to clean up its Newsfeed and as a result of these many businesses which had a great number of followers and subscribers through the advertisement of their posts lost the organic outreach.

However, with the ideal introduction of Facebook “Boost Posts”, there was a small hope of changing this situation. But without knowing all about how to boost a post on Facebook it is not easy to keep your content floating on the Newsfeed every now and then and reaching to your target audience.

Many say that Facebook Ads are a lot more effective for businesses to build traffic, however, most people cannot really understand and often get overwhelmed by the logistics of the Ad Manager and hence, avoid using it.

This article aims at understanding what Facebook Boost Posts are and how can they be used effectively.

Features of Facebook Boost Post


You can add your own content. Whether it is a promotional advertisement or a call to action button, that call is upon you. But the quality should be good enough to feature on Facebook Feed.

Target Audience

You can customize your audience required as per their age, sex, location which are pre-requisites for the boost post. Other than this you can also fill in your preferences as per the quality of your previous subscribers, existing contacts, etc.

Budget Constraint

Depending on what your budget is, you can spend anything from $1 to above for your posts. It increases the posts viability.

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Post Duration

Always plan out a specific time period for your post. Be it weekly, daily, monthly, fortnightly, etc. make sure you display it in regular and sufficient intervals and only turn it off manually.

Steps to Boost a Post on Facebook

Step 1

Draft the desired post you want to boost and then, click on the lower left side grey button of “Boost Post” to get it started with. For existing posts, you need to click on the blue “Boost Post” tab.

Step 2

In this step, the features of the post are put to use where you are taken to the part where you can set your target audience as per specific demographics like age, sex, location, etc. You can also choose whom you want the post to be visible for like your existing followers or a few of your contacts, etc.

Step 3

You will be required to choose a specific budget tier which will show you an estimate of how much audience you can reach approximately.

Step 4

Now comes choosing the duration which is targeted at 1, 7 or 14 days. Other than that you can set a date till which your post can run for every day.

Step 5

Now if you are all set with all the required entries, your last and final step is to make the payment with the wide availability of Facebook’s payment options and then boost your post! It might take a few hours before it gets published as Facebook reviews all your boost posts. So, be patient and wait for your result.

Tips & Tricks for How to Boost a Post on Facebook Effectively

Know your Goal

Before you start boost posting, get a clarity on what is the post really about. Is it for brand awareness or simply to get more likes and so on and so forth. Without setting the right goal you will never be able to measure its true effectiveness.

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Perform Experiments

Setting different demographics once a while and changing your set of the target audience can sometimes be quite fruitful than you can imagine. By doing a little bit of experiment with your pre-requisites, you may actually be able to find the ideal set that draws attention to your post for more traffic.

Shorten the Duration

Make sure that you do not keep the same ads posted for too long. It might be valuable to create a visual link for audiences but as they say “variety is the spice of life”, you are bound to include new and innovative content to grab their attention once a while.

Analyze and Compare

Only by meticulously and methodically boost posting on Facebook may not always give you the desired results. You have to put in more effort by analyzing the number of likes, views, etc. per post. Know which posts work at what time, what duration and what kind of audience. Make comparisons with other posts and see what attracts the audience more. This might be a taxing task but will prove to be effective in the long run.

Explore the Options

Facebook gives you a chance to play with your posts and make it as much visible as possible by providing a lot of options. Try to explore them. For example, how you can use Facebook Ads and Ad Manager to boost your posts for effectively can be something that you can also learn to make your business become top tier.

If you are all set now, log in to your Facebook page and start exploring and experimenting!


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