How To Add Header And Footer Code In WordPress

How To Add Header And Footer Code In WordPress

Hey, Once again I’m back with another amazing article. Today, I’m gonna talk about how to add header and footer code in WordPress. If you are using WordPress then It’s an important thing to know.

If you want to add any code to the head tag or body tag then the only way is by theme editor. But for that, good HTML coding knowledge is required. If not then continue reading this article. If not then you should continue reading this article. Because I’ll explain the simplest way by installing a plugin.

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If you just started blogging, and If you want to enable Google Adsense then you have to paste ad code into the head tag. And If you want to index your website in Google, well everyone should! then you have to paste Google verification code to the head tag. So it’s very important to know how to add header and footer code in WordPress.

I’m giving you simple method to add headers and footer code to WordPress. You have downloaded, install and activate insert headers and footers plugin to WordPress.

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Once plugin activated then go to Setting and select Insert Headers and Footers. Now, paste the code into the head tag or Body tag which you copy from Google Adsense, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager etc. and Save Changes. Now, refresh your website.

All done! Have Fun! So, it’s very simple to add header and footer code in WordPress.

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