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How much should I spend on Facebook Ads

How much should I spend on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads – the newest way of digital marketing and marketing trends and strategies. That is what we all know about right?

Let us look at it from a perspective of a business company. When a company creates a Facebook page as a part of its digital marketing strategy, it is all about posting pictures, new marketing campaigns, events, videos, etc. in order to keep the page active. But often we come across certain messages from Facebook that ask these companies to “promote your page”. This is where the real investment of money comes in.

What do the majority of people does not understand about Facebook advertisements is that why they are there even in the first place? Most of us think that we ignore them at the end of the day. This is our outlook from a consumer, potential client, customer or a target audience’s perspective.

There is something known as visual linking which is the basic technique behind this kind of advertising. The same goes for Facebook Ads. Through the concept of visual marketing it is believed that even if the viewers ignore the Facebook Ads, the number of times they keep popping up on various pages often helps in embedding the same in people’s minds. This way unknowingly you get to know about the product.

The strategy behind Facebook Ads is pretty smart and therefore, utilized by mostly all businesses especially small to moderate ones as a part of their marketing campaigns.

Most businesses have a question, however, before investing in Facebook Ads that is, “how much should I spend on Facebook Ads”?

It is expected that small businesses may be skeptical about investing in Facebook Ads without knowing how reliable they are. So, in order to ensure that your Facebook Ads are rightly utilized certain pro tips should be followed such as:

Most businesses are not prepared with their Advertisement campaigns. Either the content is not eye-catching enough or the presentation is not interesting, in this way they fail to attain the entire objective of the Ad and therefore, do not earn valuable returns.

Keep in mind that the content should be extremely creative. Unless you spend time and put some effort into coming up with something that appeals to your audience it can certainly be a waste of money in building an Ad campaign on Facebook. Creating different Ad variations and understanding what works best for your product is therefore very crucial.

Deciding on running Ad tests is something that cannot be refused. Most businesses feel that it is a waste of time and money, but the truth is Ad tests are the sure shot way of knowing if your advertisements are actually impactful or not. This way in reality instead of being a wastage of money it is more cost optimizing than you think.

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Initially, start with a small investment. If you are a startup, along with your marketing strategy you must have created a budget. Well, you need to incorporate Facebook Ad campaigns in your budget as too. To determine the best audience for your product or business, their interests, location and every other required feature, running ad tests and finally publishing the advertisements.

You need to understand that Facebook is probably one of the most reasonable and convenient ways of investing and the more you invest on optimizing and flashing your Facebook Ads, the more returns and sales shall be generated.

It is not difficult to put up Facebook ads and increase your outreach. What is difficult is to be creative and create unique advertisements. If you can clear the bar and prove your company has an X-factor then, your investments shall definitely be fruitful.

So, now that we have a basic idea about what to do for Facebook Ads we come back to the question of how much should I spend on Facebook Ads.

Well, to deal with this let us just tell you that start small like mentioned before. Invest $1 per at a day i.e. $30 a month as per your budget. This should be enough for initial investment for small businesses. Another option is to start with a dollar and keep increasing it per week say, $2 for the second week, double it to $4 in the third week and so on. You have to strategically plan out how to invest in Facebook Ads that is what is more important and keep increasing your investment as per your returns. Even by spending $1 per advertisement you have a chance to come across over 4000 people on Facebook. Isn’t that worth all the money?

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That’s why investing on Facebook can be the most convenient and viable way of earning some sales and these days most companies have been relying on it. So, you should too.

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