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How Much Does SEO Cost for Small Business

How Much Does SEO Cost for Small Business

Today, I’ll take about how much does SEO cost for small business. Small business owners make sure to count every penny that they spend. This is vital because such businesses typically lack financial resources. If you are the owner of a small business, you would also want complete value for your money. This makes SEO or search engine optimization one of the best marketing channels for you.

But, are you wondering how much it costs? Even though the question appears to be quite simple, the answer is not. SEO involves so many different types of marketing activities that the price is difficult to nail down.

How Much Does SEO Cost for Small Business

There are certain variables that affect the cost of SEO. The variables are:

  • The present situation of your website and the ranking number on Google, if any
  • Your business objectives. For instance, whether you are targeting multiple locations or keywords and so on
  • How long it will take to reach your business goals or how fast do you want your business’ situation to improve. For you to see credible SEO results, it may take anywhere between 1 month to 12 months or even more.
  • If your website needs to be redesigned, the cost may slightly go higher up
  • In case you decide to implement PPC, along with SEO, the prices will obviously go up. PPC gets paid traffic and a number of businesses often use this tactic in combination with organic SEO efforts.

Based on the above-mentioned variables, professional SEO agencies offer packages. Their packages can be tailored to fit the needs of a small company. The packages differ from one agency to the next. But, the most common pricing models are discussed below.

Hourly Rates

There are a number of SEO professionals who operate as consultants. In lieu of their services, they generally charge an hourly fee. The hourly rates vary and it can be anything from $100 to up to $300 or more. Small businesses usually have to pay less because they do not require many services as large organizations.


Some SEO firms provide project-based services. For instance, they will fulfill your requirement of enhancing your presence on social media or help you in launching a blog. There may be some aspects of your business that you want more focus on. Availing the services of an SEO company for specific projects will save you money.

Contract-based Services

So, you are unsure about SEO? Do not want to commit to anything for long-term? Opting for contract-based services is your best solution. You will choose the specific SEO services that you need and ask for a quote.

If you avail contract services, there will be an agreed upon date that cannot be changed. Once the contract has ended, you can renew it. Companies offering such services generally charge from $3000 to up to $30000. The price depends entirely on the kind of services and results that you are looking for.

Monthly Retainer

A monthly retainer is the most common type of pricing model offered by SEO agencies. For this package, you will have to pay a flat monthly fee for all the ongoing work. A lot of companies today are offering bespoke monthly SEO retainers. So, you will be only paying for the services that you have chosen and need.

I provide complete SEO packages at affordable monthly pricing. I’m Google Analytics Certified, SEMrush SEO Certified and having experience in high competitive niches for B2B and B2C clients. SEO is my core competency and I have a track record of getting clients the results they want.

I also provide individual SEO services as per client’s need. So, if you don’t want to go with complete SEO then you can choose any individual services like keywords research, competitor research, link building, guest blogging services etc. For more details contact me at [email protected]

A number of small business owners consider creating an in-house SEO team. While ideally, this might be a great idea, it can drain your capital resources. An in-house team teams paying salaries, benefits, furniture and such other overhead expenses. Outsourcing SEO requirements mean zero overhead expenses. So, for a small business like yours, engaging an SEO agency might be the ideal solution. You can, maybe, think of building an in-house team later on.

To sum up, SEO is not really free. Small businesses like yours can gain online visibility through SEO services. However, the cost can be controlled by carefully choosing the services needed. Initially, you will not have to spend a lot if you are only trying to build a brand presence. As you slowly develop and decide to expand, you may have to dole out $3000 to $5000 a month. I provide SEO services at $500 per month only. The amount may be less or more depending on the variables discussed above.

Visit SEO Packages page for more details about services and pricing.

So, how much does SEO cost for small business is not actually the right question. The question should be how much ROI you can expect by investing in SEO services. At the end of the day, it is the returns that matter.  If your business is getting enough online exposure, website traffic, and leads, you know that your money has been spent well. However, an exact quote can only be given by a professional SEO company.

Do you use SEO strategies to promote your business, products or services online? Is it proving profitable? How much is your partner SEO company charging you? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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