How Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Boost Your Website Loads up Speed

How Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Boost Your Website Loads up Speed

About WordPress

WordPress is basically a blogging tool and a content management system with a free and open source. It is based on PHP and MySQL and functions either by installing in a web server or being made a part of an Internet hosting network. WordPress has currently become one of the most used blogging sites by freelancers, personal bloggers, and small as well as big businesses. 27% of all websites on the internet is said to be taken over by WordPress.

About Kinsta

When we talk about WordPress we definitely mention about Kinsta managed WordPress hosting. But what is this ‘Kinsta’?

Kinsta is basically a high performance managed WordPress hosting site which was launched in the year 2013 by WordPress developer Mark Galvada along with a small team of experts from WordPress itself.

Owing to the huge success of Kinsta managed WordPress hosting and its close connection with WordPress using enterprises, e-commerce sites, start-ups, high traffic blogs, etc., Kinsta is known to boost your website with high-speed access and performance.

This brings us to the part where we discuss why and how Kinsta managed WordPress hosting is so essential and how it boosts your website load up speed.

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Why do we need managed WordPress hosting?

A lot of businesses have this question that why should we go for Kinsta managed WordPress hosting when we can simply do a shred WordPress hosting through our technical teams. Well, to give you the answer to that, you have to go throw the following reasons:

  1. All technical aspects such as security, malware, backups, hack cleanups, WordPress updates, scalability and a whole lot of other aspects are taken care of by your technology provider which makes it hassle-free and helps to save time.
  2. To fix your website issues, managed WordPress offers you premium quality support which no shared WordPress hosting will ever offer. With managed hosting, experts are available to call or chat for 24×7 to address all your issues.
  3. If you want to avoid slowing down of the performance of the server, then you better move from shared to managed WordPress hosting as it gives you performance improvements with a finely tuned environment to work in WordPress.
  4. Of course managed hosting is more expensive in comparison to shared hosting, but the benefits that you receive in the long run by investing in managed hosting can help you save money whereas in shared hosting you might end up losing more money on sub-par support and downtime issues.

Why Kinsta? And How Kinsta managed WordPress hosting boosts your website?

Now one may ask then why to use Kinsta for managed WordPress hosting where there are much more available. That is because it has been reviewed and proven that Kinsta is not only cheaper compared to other hosting sites but it also has the following perks:

  1. Excellent and variety of features
  2. WordPress Experts one call away
  3. Blazing speed- it offers the latest version of both PHP 7 and HHVM
  4. Great Support team
  5. Uses the Google Cloud platform exclusively
  6. Options to choose your data center
  7. Bulletproof security with two-factor authentication for the hosting account
  8. Full assistance in migration of a WordPress site
  9. Amazon Route 53 DNS free of charge for 24×7 online WordPress services
  10. “Let’s Encrypt” integration for SEO Boost plus security for users with SSL Certificates for traffic encryption
  11. Full Website Backup
  12. Developer Friendly
  13. Isolation with automatic scalability
  14. A fair amount of hosting space
  15. Premium resources like uptime checks and free daily backups, etc.
  16. Custom built user account dashboard for a beginner friendly admin interface
  17. Analytics included keeping track of website page views, visitors, etc.
  18. Different pricing plans for all types of businesses from start-ups to big companies.

Other than this it is also to be noted that since Kinsta uses Google Platform, everyone knows how much Google loves speed! The affinity for speed makes Kinsta an even more powerful hosting site. It is better than 98% of the websites tested and proven with an A-grade speed performance and a load time of less than 500 ms.

So, for all those speed fanatics out there, Kinsta managed WordPress hosting should always be your first choice!

In short, Kinsta is the king of ‘under promise and over delivery’! With its excellent support system, the performance of speed, reliability and high-quality services and hosting of other technical issues, it is a great value for the money. It saves time, energy, the effort of all the businesses who have invested in Kinsta and we are sure that even you will not regret it.

What more do you think you need? Try it out now!


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