Learn All About How You Can Enable ‘Hey Siri’ On Your Mac

Learn All About How You Can Enable ‘Hey Siri’ On Your Mac

How to Enable Hey Siri On Your Mac

Hello, Once again I’m back with another awesome article. We all know Siri is one of the best features of Mac OS Sierra. In the previous article new features of Mac OS Sierra, I gave you the teaser about Siri and today, I’m going to talk about the awesome feature of Siri. Like you can use Siri like your personal assistant. So, stick with this article until the end and you will know everything about how to enable “Hey Siri” on your Mac.

Here is the step-by-step video tutorial that helps you to setup “Hey Siri” on your Mac. So, watch this video and follow the steps.

1st of all open system preferences & go to Siri. Now, In the left bar, you have to enable Siri. Now, select your language and the 2nd tab is for Siri’s voice. So, select whatever you like. Now, Make sure you on voice feedback. 

Select your microphone & select your keyboard shortcut. It means you can enable Siri through the keyboard. If you want Siri in your Menubar then select last option.

Ok. Now, Siri is enabled on your Mac.

how enable hey siri macNow, To activate voice command, you have to go to system preferences– Accessibility– and Dictation.

how enable hey siri mac

If you having this problem then go to Dictation Preferences. And enable Enhanced Dictation. Now go back and you will see this window.

how enable hey siri mac

Select all options & after 1st option, you will see the empty box.

You have put words (like I say “Hey Siri” to enable Siri then I should write Hey in that box) you like to call Siri!!!

Click on Dictation Commands. Click on Enable Advanced Command.

Now, you have to add the Voice Command. Click on the + button.

how enable hey siri macWhen I say: Please write Siri in it

While using: Select any application.

Perform: Click on the drop-down menu and go running Workflow & select Open Siri app.

Now, you are done!!! Now close all programs and check it out. If not running repeat the same procedure.

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Thank You.

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